Land and Sea by J.W. Buel

By on November 24, 2013

Bizarre biology book from 1889 outlines all the ways flora and fauna are trying to eat people.

Man attacked by a killer spider crab in the 1889 book Land and Sea by J.W. Buel

Land and Sea by J.W. Buel is a paranoid book finely illustrated with beautiful depictions of how everything is trying to eat us, including crabs, octopus, dinosaurs and trees.

Octopus attack in J.W. Buel's Land and Sea

Illustration from J.W. Buel's book Land and Sea depicting a crab ligting a goat

Dog fish attack

The tragic death of officer M'clane

Hunter attacked by orangutan

Orangutan abducting a woman

Early man fights off a plesiosaurus

A man battles a saw fish

Boy biten by a shark

Sword fish attack

Woman carried off by a tigress

Man eaten by a carnivorous plant

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