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Christmas Oddities | Gift Guide | #MerryCultmas
2016 Cult of Weird holiday gift guide

Things get pretty strange around here for the holidays.

We love Christmas here at Cult of Weird. The ancient folklore and mysticism from which many modern day holiday traditions have evolved are full of oddities and historical curiosities. From Krampus, the Christmas devil who is responsible for punishing naughty children and the bones of St. Nicholas that ooze an oily substance renown for it’s healing properties, to a cave-dwelling Santa and creepy vintage Santa photos, there is no shortage of yuletide weirdness.

Christmas Oddities

Weird Holiday Gift Guides

Looking for the perfect gift for the weirdo on your Christmas list? Look no further than the Cult of Weird holiday gift guide, full of oddities, curiosities, and morbidly fun ideas to make that eccentric someone’s Christmas mourning delightfully macabre.

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  • Decorating the Cultmas tree MerryCultmas cultofweird
  • Making some deranged sugar cookies MerryCultmas cultofweird christmas oddities
  • Its that weird and wonderful time of year again Puthellip
  • Show us your odd Christmas! Put a santa hat onhellip
  • Dead things with tentacles make great stocking stuffers Find thehellip
  • Freddy Krueger No 2 for a custom order! horroricons horrorchristmashellip
  • That time of the year Decorating the parlour MerryCultmas Odditieshellip
  • Look I dug up some Christmas cheer Happy holidays everyone!hellip
  • I have one more Krampus badge available  Bats andhellip
  • The Christmas Tapir wishes you a Merry Christmas! Oddities Taxidermyhellip
  • If youre cold theyre cold Bring your gargoyles inside winterhellip
  • Rabbit mummified heart  jawbone bauble only 1299! Find herehellip
  • merrycultmas
  • Rat skull inside teardrop shaped bauble available on our etsy!hellip
  • Rabbit mummified heart  jawbone bauble only 1299! Find herehellip
  • merrycultmas from daleksanta!
  • Magpie foot  bones Christmas bauble only 999 find herehellip
  • httpmzjonescuriocomgiftcertificatefaq Link for more info Get yours today! DeadThings Morbidhellip

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