DIY DEATHstination: Win Great Stuff by Digging up Stories from Your Local Cemetery

By on October 29, 2016

What fascinating stories are laying buried 6 feet under? Share a story for your chance to win a great prize pack for the DIY DEATHstination contest.
DIY DEATHstination giveaway

Did you miss your chance to win a pair of antique coffin screws from the memento mori Instagram giveaway this month? Well it’s not too late! You have one more shot at winning some Victorian funerary hardware and other ghoulish goodies from some amazing contributors for @DEATHstination‘s latest DIY DEATHstination contest. Mortician Laura Hardin tracks down the fascinating lives behind gravestones she visits and shares them on her popular Instagram account, which just surpassed 4k followers. To celebrate, she’s hosting a giveaway that includes:

Here’s how to enter:

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