Dead Sled Unveils New Collection of Funeral-Inspired Incense

By on July 7, 2017

A new collection of incense inspired by the funerary arts, with scents like Ashes & Urns, Calming Spirits, and Graveyard Queen.
Funerary Fragrance incense from Dead Sled Brand

Our friends over at Dead Sled Brand have lifted the veil on their latest abomination: A delightfully dark and enchanting collection of hand-dipped incense from the grave. The Funerary Fragrance collection consists of 8 provocative scents conjuring autumn and death to “calm and sooth your living corpse.”

Maybe you’re looking to invoke that old hearse smell – try the “Deluxe Interior” scent. How about graveside flowers and blossoming trees at midnight? That’s “Graveyard Queen.” Or you might be in the mood for something sweet, with pumpkin spice and burning leaves – pick up a pack of “Halloween Treat.”

The other scents from the sweet hereafter are Ashes & Urns, Calming Spirits, Funeral Parlour, Mortician’s Friend, and Toe Pincher.

Funerary Fragrance incense is available over at the Dead Sled shop right here.

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