Frequently Asked Questions

Cult of Weird Frequently Asked Questions

Penned in ectoplasmic residue by the earliest initiates of Lodge #8113, this grimoire contains incantations to invoke the answers to all your burning questions about Cult of Weird.

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Q: That’s not weird.

This also includes the popular variation, “That’s not weird, it’s just stupid.” Usually followed by “This page used to actually be about weird stuff. What happened? Is the original admin dead? I miss the days when Cult of Weird featured actual weird things like penises in jars.”

A: Well Barbara, there are only so many pickled penises in the world—we have to pace ourselves.

Q: This post sucks.

A: I post taxidermy, and someone is offended. I post a woman marrying her duvet, and someone is offended. I post a man eaten by a giant python, and someone is offended. I post Bigfoot erotica and…you see where I’m going with this.

If I tried to keep everybody happy, Barbara, the only way to accomplish that would be to post nothing at all. And still someone would be offended. So when I’m trying to scrounge up your “morning cup of WTF” for the Cult of Weird Facebook page, I’m going to curate whatever I think is interesting, curious, odd, or just plain ridiculous at the moment. Admittedly, some of the articles are probably terrible. But I’m a sucker for an outlandish headline. And really, I don’t have time to read everything I share, so I apologize if I post an awful link once in a while.

Q: That didn’t happen.

A: Yeah-huh.

I strive for primary sources, facts, and historical accuracy when researching and regurgitating strange bits from the past. It did happen, or someone said it happened. Either way, that’s pretty damn weird. I often update posts to reflect new research. If you think I got something wrong let me know.

Q: You spelled that wrong.

A: Listen, nothing makes me cringe more than discovering a typo in a 5-year-old post and thinking about the many thousands of readers who saw it over the years and decided it makes me a disgusting human being. I’m a terrible proofreader—I have limited time, a million distractions, and I’m always in a hurry. There is no paycheck here, I do this because I enjoy it, and you aren’t paying to view it. Relax. You’re going to pull through this one, you’ll see.

Q: Cult of Weird is all click-baity now. Eeeeeewwwww.

A: Dammit Barbara! How long have you been following Cult of Weird? I’ve been sharing these exact same kinds of headlines every day for almost nine years. NINE YEARS. Where the hell have you been?

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