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  • Giant eland shoulder mount problems Its nearly as tall ashellip
  • I love it when my friends send me a randomhellip
  • cultofweird oddities wunderkammer cabinetofcuriosities tutankhamun taxidermy walterpotter
  •  Dont buy me flowers buy me antiques  loveithellip
  • Mermaid in progress I make this as a gift forhellip
  • sold bat and beetle glass dome
  • bat shadow box 65
  • Its a skull paintin kinda nightskulls skull skullart monster monsterarthellip
  • sold beetle redneck wine glass
  • spread bat shadow box
  • large beetlebutterfly terrarium 60
  • Im on a roll artist driedflowers cemeterymoss moss acorns skullhellip
  • Win one of my originally designed heart transplant print pillowshellip
  • Crystallised Venus comb shell

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