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For the last 4 years, Cult of Weird has worked hard to build a huge audience of oddities enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the bizarre. Cult of Weird content reaches hundreds of thousands of people every month between the website, Etsy shop and social media. With our new consignment program, you can put your oddities, weird art and other unique items at the fingertips of the Cult of Weird community.

How It Works

The goal is to make it simple and safe for everyone involved. Here is an overview of the consignment process:

The Process

  • You provide photos and details of the item you are selling
  • We create the product listing in our shop
  • We promote the listing to the Cult of Weird community through the website, mailing list, and social media.
  • We send you an email when your item sells
  • You package and ship the item
  • We when receive confirmation of shipment and tracking number, we send your money via Paypal

What We Are Looking For

Here are a few things to give you an idea what we are interested in including in the Cult of Weird shop. If you are not sure if something you have is right for the shop contact us.

  • Taxidermy
  • Human skulls & bones
  • Wet specimens
  • Bone art
  • Occult items
  • Quack medical devices
  • Weird antiques
  • Strange art
  • Books

We will not accept items that we feel are not right for the shop.

Product Info

You are responsible for providing quality photos and accurate details about your product.


When an item sells, we will email you with the buyer’s information. You are then responsible for packing and shipping the product, and providing us with a tracking number.


You are in control. You set your prices and shipping rates.


We take a 15% commission on all items sold through Cult of Weird. After the product has been shipped, we will send you your earnings excluding 15%. You are welcome to set your prices accordingly.


You must make sure we are aware of your stock levels so we don’t oversell an item you may have just sold on your personal site.

Ready to Sell?

Send product photos and info to

Do you have any questions?

Contact us here with any questions you may have about the consignment program.