Pretty Things Peepshow

By on January 30, 2013

Pretty Things Peepshow

The Pretty Things Peepshow combines Vaudeville, burlesque and sideshow acts that harken back to the early days of the traveling circus when Girly shows and dark, seedy hootchy-kootchy tents lined the midway beside freakshows and human oddities.

The 2013 Pretty Things Peepshow tour features vintage sideshow acts such as chainsaw juggling, fire blowing, human blockhead and other acts by the Dapper Dan of Danger Donny Vomit, as well as a variety of cirque noir and neo-burlesque performances by sideshow seductress Go-Go Amy, hula-hoop burlesque queen Vivacious Miss Audacious and the “Midget of Mischief” Lil Miss Firefly.

For tour dates and more info check out Pretty Things Productions at

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