Strange Links

Cult of Weird's links to the strange and unusual

Here are some links to Cult of Weird affiliates and other oddities too strange to not pass along.

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Lake View Taxidermy
Rob Reysen specializes in high-quality taxidermy, as well as original dark art, sculpture, custom Halloween decorations, horror props and more.
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Woolly Mammoth Antiques and Oddities
Woolly Mammoth Antiques and Oddities is unique shop in Chicago, filled floor to ceiling with bizarre art, vintage taxidermy and other rare and unusual items.
Read my review of the shop right here.

Pandora’s Parlor
Macabre decor, including vintage Victorian human skeletons, antique taxidermy and more.

Off the Wall Antiques
A shop of the weird and unusual in Los Angeles filled with odd antiques and bizarre pieces of Hollywood memorabilia

Mental Shed Studios
Purveyor of dark and strange horror art, graphic & web design, etc. The backwoods internet outhouse responsible for Cult of Weird and many other abominations.