The Mummified Monk of Koh Samui in Thailand

The Mummified Monk of Koh Samui in Thailand

More than 30 years after his death, the mummified body of this Buddhist monk remains on display on Koh Samui island in Thailand.

Divya, World’s Hottest Taxidermist

Meet Divya, the world’s hottest taxidermist:

The Grave of John Dillinger

Due to the his infamy as Public Enemy Number One and the controversy surrounding his death, John Dillinger’s body was buried under 5 feet of concrete and steel in the Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis to prevent grave robbery.

John Dillinger death mask

This is one of 2 death masks made from the body of John Dillinger while on display to the public after he was gunned down outside the Biograph Theater in Chicago in 1934. This particular mask resides in the FBI museum. The other hung on the wall of J. Edgar Hoover’s office until he retired.