Santa’s Sleigh and Flying Saucer Collide

Santa UFO accident

If Santa did not make it to your house this year, maybe this why…

Safety Pins in the Windpipe

Safety pins caught in patients' windpipe

A collection of safety pins from a doctor’s cabinet of objects caught in patients’ windpipes.

Big Nose George Parrott: The Wild West Outlaw Who Got Turned Into Shoes

Wild West Outlaw Who Got Turned Into a Fancy Pair of Shoes

When train robber Big Nose George was hanged in 1881, Dr. John Osborn used the outlaw’s skin to make a fancy pair of shoes for his inauguration as governor of Wyoming.

Mummified Conjoined Twin Animal Fetuses

Mummified conjoin twins animal fetuses

The mummified conjoined remains of…something….

Hand of the Mysteries

Hand of the Mysteries

Hand of the Mysteries

The alchemical symbol of apotheosis, the transformation of man into god, is traditionally represented by an image of a hand with other symbols, including skulls, crowns, stars, fish, keys, lanterns, astrological symbols and the all-seeing eye.

The Hand of the Mysteries goes by many other names, including the Hand of the Master Mason, Hand of the Philosopher, and the Emblematic Hand of Mysteries.

It is said that the hand holds the keys to divinity, and is used as an invitation to discover the “great secrets.”

Hand of the Mysteries