Genesis 6 Giants, Mighty Men of Old

“There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” – Genesis 6:4

The remains of giants have been uncovered throughout the ages, though very little evidence exists today. Many bizarre discoveries within the last century made newspaper headlines, and then vanished. Ron Wyatt, the man who discovered what is most likely the remains of Noah’s Ark at the Durupinar site, claimed to have found Noah’s house and the grave of his wife during his first trip to the site. He claims the sarcophagus was 18 feet tall.


Prehistoric Human Hand Fossil

Prehistoric human hand fossil found in ancient rock

This fossilized human hand was found Bogota in 100-130 million-year-old rock.

Giant Footprint in Billion-Year-Old Granite

Giant footprint discovered by James Snyder in billion-year-old granite in Cleveland National Forest

In 2002, James Snyder discovered a giant, fossilized footprint embedded in billion-year-old granite in California’s Cleveland National Forest.

300 Million-Year-Old Screw Found in Rock

300 million-year-old screw found in rockWhile investigating the remains of a meteorite outside of Moscow in 1998, Russian scientists discovered a rock with a screw firmly fixed inside.

Geologist estimate the age of the rock to be 300-320 million years old. Evidence shows that the iron atoms of the screw and the silicon atoms of the rock have in fact spread and fused, suggesting the screw is by no means a recent addition to the rock.

Experts agree the screw was artificially constructed, rather than being the result of a natural process.

Reports of evidence of intelligent life existing on Earth in prehistoric times pop up from time to time. These reports include machined parts such as spheres, screws and toothed wheels, as well as more bizarre discoveries such as manufactured boot, sandal and foot prints embedded in billion-year-old stone.

Researchers claim most of the evidence is now gathering dust in the basements of the world’s most prestigious institutions.

Hands Resist Him: Haunted Ebay Painting

In February of 2000 an anonymous seller listed a mysterious painting on ebay, claiming it was haunted. In the listing, the seller claimed the painting had been found abandoned behind an old brewery by an art picker, who the seller bought it from.

One morning the seller’s 4-year-old daughter said the children were fighting and coming into her room at night. Included in the listing were photos from a motion-triggered camera the family had set up during the following nights, which seem to show the figures moving or transforming.

Ebay haunted painting: The Hands Resist Him by Bill Stoneham
“The Hands Resist Him” by Bill Stoneham (1972)

The seller pleaded for buyers and viewers to be cautious of the painting and avoid showing it to children due to reports of extreme reactions such as sudden, violent illness, screaming and the sensation of being gripped by an unseen entity.

The painting sold on ebay for $1,025.00

It was eventually discovered that the painting was a work by artist Bill Stoneham called “The Hands Resist Him” which he painted in 1972.

Of his work, Bill says:

Where to begin? Well I’ve always had a connection to what Carl Jung called the collective unconscious. I think we all do. Artists, especially visual artists, are barometers for the currents which run through this collective. Dreams are a common experience people may have with this. Anyway, my own experience is a sensitivity to place– physical, geographical place. There are memories, echoes of all the life within a place. Maybe it’s what’s called channeling. When I painted the Hands Resist Him in 1972, I used an old photo of myself at age five in a Chicago apartment. The hands are the ‘other lives.’ The glass door, that thin veil between waking and dreaming. The girl/doll is the imagined companion, or guide through this realm.