Tibetan Butter Sculpture

Tibetan butter sculpture

The ancient art of Tibetan butter sculpture. Read about it here.

Stonehenge and Easter Island Explained

Stonehenge and Easter Island explained

Suddenly it all makes sense.

Coin-Operated Peep Show

Woman gets a shocking glimpse inside a coin-operated peep show

Coin-operated peepshow, 1954

The Sea’s Strangest Square Mile

This short film explores a square mile of ocean floor that is home to bizarre alien-like creatures such as the bobbit worm, cuttlefish, frogfish and more.

The Last Taxidermist in Paris

Deyrolle is a 180-year-old taxidermy shop and natural history emporium in Paris. Founded in 1831 by well-known entomologist Jean-Baptiste Deyrolle, the shop was home to a historic collection of taxidermy mounts, beetles, butterflies and more until a short circuit caused the building to burn in February 2007.

The building still stood when the smoke cleared, but the collection was destroyed. Thanks to donations, restoration is under way to restore Deyrolle to it’s former glory.

The former glory of Deyrolle is preserved in the pages of the January 1985 issue of World of Interiors magazine in an article titled “The Last Taxidermist in Paris.”

Cover of the January 1985 issue of World of Interiors magazine

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