Home Dentistry in the 1920s

Vintage photo of home dentistry in the 1920s

A woman prepares to pull a child’s tooth with a pliers in this photo from the 1920s.

World’s Largest Kidney Stone

The world's largest ever recorded kidney stone

This is the world’s largest ever recorded kidney stone, removed from a patient in Hungary. It weighs 2.5lb and is 17cm in diameter.

Mystic Eye 1953 Divination Board Game

This weekend’s adventures into the dark corners and dusty shelves of the unknown unearthed an original Mystic Eye board game!

mystic-eye-1953-gameVintage 1953 Mystic Eye divination board game

Made in 1953 by Mister B Industries, Mystic Eye claims to be a powerful oracle and party game good for psychoanalysis, lie detecting, locating lost items and determining the sex of your unborn child.

Mystic Eye uses a “psycho-activated” pendulum and master chart to tap into the conscious, subconscious and super-conscious mind to divine the unknown. Unlike the Kreskin’s ESP game we came across a few months back, this copy of Mystic Eye is complete, including the instructions and the pendulum.

It was difficult not to unravel the mysteries of life, love and the occult with the one of the self-proclaimed “psychological wonders of the world” at our fingertips, so we made sure it is in working condition. But does it really pierce the veil and peer into the future? You will have to find out for yourself.

Tibetan Engraved Skull

Tibetan engraved Kapala skull

Top view of the engraved skull from Tibet

Back view of the engraved human skull from Tibet

An engraved human skull from Tibet. The carvings are said to be done to take a curse off a family or to guide the soul of a mislead human on the right path to enlightenment.

Engraved in the forehead are the Citipati, also known as “Lords of the Graveyard.” They are depicted in the “bow and arrow” posture (elbows and knees intertwined) which refers to the highest grade of the Outer Tantra. There are seven tantric levels. 3 levels of the Outer, and 4 levels of the Inner Tantra. On the highest grade of the Inner Tantra, the skeletons would be depicted copulating.

Forhead of the skull engraved with Citipati skeleton figures

The more ornate Tibetan Kapala skulls are embellished with silver and semi-precious stones and were commonly used as a ritual bowl to drink blood out of during ancient human sacrifice rituals.