Lilly Gray: Victim of the Beast

The gravestone of Lilly Gray, victim of the beast, in the Salt Lake City Cemetery

In the Salt Lake City Cemetery there is a peculiar old gravestone that has been the source of much speculation. The small granite marker of Lilly Gray (1881-1954) bears the inscription Victim of the Beast 666.

Who was Lilly Gray and why would anyone put a statement like that on a gravestone?

Steam-Powered Hearse at House on the Rock

Steam powered hearse at House on the Rock in Wisconsin

Though this hearse looks like an amazing piece of vintage steam-powered machinery, it was actually built in the 1980s by woodworker Mike Olp for Alex Jordan’s bizarre collection at House on the Rock in Wisconsin.

Apparently two were made. One hearse is on display in the Transportation Building, while the other remains in storage.

House on the Rock boasts an incredible collection of rare and sometimes macabre antiques, as well as fantasy machines and other whimsical items produced by Alex Jordan’s crew to fulfill his obsessions.

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Bizarre Lamps by Evan Chambers

Diving Bell lamp by Evan Chambers

Artist Evan Chambers fashions these bizarre lamps from copper, bronze and glass. His process involves making molds of natural found objects such as tentacles, hawk legs and opium poppies. He then casts them in bronze, silver-solders them to the spun copper bodies of the lamps, and blows glass portholes to complete the piece.

Diving Bell Octo Lamp by Evan Chambers

Giant Octopod Lamp by Evan Chambers

Hanging Bathosphere Lamp by Evan Chambers

Harbor Mine Wall Sconce lamp by Evan Chambers

Hawk Bomb lamps by Evan Chambers

Hawk Rocket lamp by Evan Chambers

Nickel-Plated Opium Grazer lamp by Evan Chambers

Octopod lamp by Evan Chambers

Octopus Ray Gun by Evan Chambers

Octo Rocket desk lamp by Evan Chambers

Opium Grazer lamp by Evan Chambers

Pendant Pill lamp by Evan Chambers

Siamese Twin Horse lamp by Evan Chambers

Submarine Pendant lamp by Evan Chambers

Terrestrial Runt lamp by Evan Chambers

V Monster lamp by Evan Chambers

Evan Chamber’s one-of-a-kind or limited edition lamps are available right here.

Check out his personal website here.

The Monster that Challenged the World (1957)

The Monster that Challenged the World 1957

Little Cindy was never the same after that day. Behind the scenes shot of The Monster that Challenged the World with a young girl.

Memoirs of Burning Man 2013

This cinematic narrative of the Burning Man 2013 experience was shot and edited by Nader Husseini with footage from his iphone and GoPro cam.