Giant Squid Found on Beach

The carcass of a mythical giant squid was found on a beach in Spain almost fully intact. It measured 30 feet long and weighed in at 400 pounds.

The Immortal Jellyfish

Turritopsis nutricula, the immortal jellyfish

The Turritopsis nutricula jellyfish is the only thing known to man to achieve biological immortality. By renewing cells through a process of cell transdifferentiation, the hydrozoan continually reverts back to an immature polyp stage.

Theoretically, the jellyfish should be able to live indefinitely through this process if it doesn’t fall victim to a predator or disease.

Amphicar: Not a Good Car, Not a Good Boat

Vintage Amphicar postcard

The Amphicar is a German-made amphibious automobile produced between 1960 and 1968. With front wheel steering and numerous other shortcomings, only 3,878 were ever made. The performance was said to be modest in and out of the water. One owner was quoted as saying “It’s not a good car and it’s not a good boat, but it does just fine.” Another added “We like to think of it as the fastest car on the water and fastest boat on the road.”

It had a top speed of 70mph on land. While in the water it utilized two rear propellers to reach a maximum speed of 6 knots – about 7mph. The front wheels acted as rudders.

Dan Neil of Time said the Amphicar was “a vehicle that promised to revolutionize drowning.” He went on to explain “Its flotation was entirely dependent on whether the bilge pump could keep up with the leakage.”

Still, it is considered one of the more successful land-to-water vehicles ever made. It is also the only non-military amphibious vehicle to be mass-produced.

President Lyndon B. Johnson in his lagoon blue amphicar, 1965
President Lyndon B. Johnson enjoyed taking visitors downhill in his Amphicar toward the lake on his Texas ranch, shouting that the brakes had gone out.

Amphicars at the annual International Amphicar Owners Club swim-in in Celina, Ohio
Amphicars at the 2001 International Amphicar Owners Club “Swim-In” in Celina, Ohio

Fishing from an Amphicar

An Amphicar in the water

Dogs in an Amphicar

Vintage photo of an Amphicar in the water

An Amphicar next to the Ticonderoga

Water skiing behind an Amphicar

To utilize your Amphicar to the fullest, it would have to be licensed as a boat and a car.

Jet Powered Hovercraft

Jet engine powered hovercraft

I’m not sure it really seems like a great idea to ride on top of a jet engine mounted on a hovercraft.

Volkswagen Aqua Concept Hovercraft

Volkswagen Aqua hovercraft concept car

The Volkswagen Aqua is a concept hovercraft designed by 21-year-old Yuhan Zhang from China to be driven on a variety of terrains.

The main engine of the hybrid Aqua is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, with individual electric motors powering the steering system.