Morbid Anatomy Museum Kickstarter

The Morbid Anatomy Museum needs your help to move into a 3-story facility in Brooklyn to house their collections. The Kickstarter campaign includes some great incentives such as art prints, t-shirts, the Morbid Anatomy Anthology book, tickets and memberships to the new museum when it opens, and much more.

From the Kickstarter page:

Morbid Anatomy began as a website by artist and independent scholar Joanna Ebenstein in 2007. It soon expanded to include the open-to-the-public Morbid Anatomy Library, and Morbid Anatomy Presents, which has produced hundreds of lectures and workshops covering such topics as books bound in human skin, postmortem photography, forgotten mail-order smut, pre-cinematic fright shows, 18th century Italian anatomical waxes, moulage making, Victorian hair art jewelry, and anthropomorphic mouse taxidermy. These are often sold out, standing room only affairs, and have cultivated a passionate community of like minded people over the years.

Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn

Check out the campaign and help make this unique and fascinating place a reality right here.

Diaphonized Specimens by Iori Tomita

Colorful and intriguing examples of diaphonized specimens by artist Iori Tomita:

Diaphonized wet specimens

Diaphonized cameleon specimen

Diaphonized fish specimen

Diaphonized crab specimen

Diaphonized turtle specimen

Diaphonized frog specimen

Diaphonized bird specimen

Diaphonized specimens in jars