Skull Egg Mold Brings the Macabre to Breakfast

Skull egg mold
Skull egg mold

There’s nothing like starting your day off with a reminder of your mortality, right? I’m sure the Fred & Friends were thinking existentially when they thought up this Funny Side Up silicon skull egg mold.

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If I knew anything about cooking, I would consider starting a cooking category here on the site to fill with all these weird kitchen things.

Flight 571: The Opera Tells the Story of Survival in the Andes

An opera debuts in Vancouver this weekend about the infamous 1972 plane crash in the Andes in which members of a Uruguayan rugby team resorted to cannibalism to survive.
Flight 571 survivors being rescued in the Andes
Survivors of the Flight 571 crash wave to rescuers after 72 days on the mountain.

It probably won’t be quite as funny as Cannibal! The Musical, but Vancouver composer Lloyd Burritt has turned the tragic story of Flight 571 into an opera.

Flight 571 crashed in the Andes on October 13th, 1972. It was carrying 45 members of a Uruguayan rugby team, only 27 of whom survived the crashed. Many more succumbed to their injuries, the cold, harsh temperatures, an avalanche and starvation in the following days and weeks.

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By radio, the survivors learned the search for them had been abandoned. What little food they had depleted quickly. Faced with the inevitable, they began eating their friends and loved ones to survive who had died earlier and remained preserved in the snow.

After two months stranded on the mountain, Nando Parrado and Roberto Canessa embarked on a 10-day trek to find help. By the time they returned, there were only 14 left to be rescued.

It sounds like Burritt has chosen to reduce the role of cannibalism in his opera to nothing more than a footnote.

More info here: Miracle Flight 571

Flight 571 crash site in the Andes
Flight 571 crash site

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6,000-Year-Old Dead Sea Crown Used for Funeral Rituals

Ancient crown dating to about 3,500 B.C. discovered in the Cave of Treasures near the Dead Sea was used for burial ceremonies during the Copper Age.
Dead Sea cave crown was used for burial ceremonies
Copper crown discovered in a Dead Sea cave in 1961.

The Nahal Mishmar Hoard is a collection of copper, bronze, ivory and stone artifacts found wrapped in a reed mat in a cave by the Dead Sea. A team searching for Dead Sea scrolls in 1961 discovered the treasure hidden in a crevice, behind a boulder deep within the cave.

Carbon-dating of the mat places it in the Copper Age between 4,000-3,500 B.C. The amazing find included mace heads, scepters, tools and weapons, many of which were unlike anything ever found.

One object of particular interest is a crown, believed to be the oldest in the world. It is a thick copper ring with doors and vultures protruding from the top. Based on the symbolism, researchers believe it was used for funeral rituals.

The crown was unveiled by New York University’s Institute for the Study of the Ancient World as part of the “Masters of Fire: Copper Age Art from Israel” exhibit earlier this year.

Nahal Mishmar Hoard
Copper Age artifacts found in the Cave of Treasures near the Dead Sea.

via The Epoch Times and Times of Israel

Video of Hellish Mystery Worm Spotted in Taiwan

What is that freakish green hellspawn? While the mysterious green worm captured on video in Taiwan has been identified, it is still pretty damn horrific.
Freaky footage of rare ribbon worm

This freakish green worm has been horrifying the Internet since it was posted online by Wei Cheng Jian on June 1st. He was fishing in a port of Penghu in Taiwan when he spotted the bright green abomination with its long pink tongue.

In the following days the “green slime snake” squirmed its way in everyone’s nightmares.

But, as it turns out, the creature is quite the soul-swallowing hellspawn it appears to be. It’s actually a ribbon worm, a mostly sea-dwelling nemertean that can range in size from 7.9 inches to 177 feet.

And that tongue?

Yeah, that’s a proboscis. It is used to ensnare the worm’s victims in order to swallow them whole. Depending on the species, the proboscis can either inject poison into its prey, or anesthetize it so the worm can eat it from the inside out.

via Telegraph and National Geographic

Close Encounters at the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference

Curious crowds came in droves to the inaugural Milwaukee Paranormal Conference for a day of ghosts, monsters, UFOs and weird Wisconsin legends.
Bigfoot at the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference
Sasquatch decides which speaker to catch next at the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference.

Where can you go to have an encounter with Bigfoot in the women’s bathroom? The Milwaukee Paranormal Conference, apparently. I mean, I wasn’t in the women’s bathroom personally, but second-hand accounts and blurry photos were evidence enough for me.

The conference was held Saturday, June 6th at the Irish Cultural & Heritage Center, which happens to be a deconsecrated church built in the late 1800s, complete with pews, stained glass windows and a massive pipe organ looming behind the stage in the main hall. According to the website, where the church stands now was originally part of the “Old Cemetery” Catholic burial ground prior to 1886. Where did the dead go when the church was built? Maybe they’re still there and caught some of the presentations.

I should note that, despite being held in an old church, no one was struck dead, burst into flames, etc. As far as I know.

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference vendor hall
Milwaukee Paranormal Conference vendor hall.

The conference was conceived by Milwaukee journalist Tea Krulos, who wanted envisioned a celebration of the paranormal to coincide with the launch of his new book Monster Hunters. An estimated 900 attendees was astounding proof that the weird is alive and well in Brew City.

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference
I’m not sure what is going on here, but it’s awesome.

Cult of Weird Table

Thanks to the support and ingenuity of my partners in crime Rob (Mad Taxidermist) and Christina (Slasher Betty) we were able to scrape together a pretty decent Cult of Weird table. Although at least a few passersby seemed to think we were recruiting for an actual cult of some kind.

I suppose the skulls and occult symbolism may have had something to do with that.

Cult of Weird table at the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference
The Cult of Weird table in the vendor hall featuring Cult swag as well as the Mad Taxidermist’s new hand-made beeswax spine candles.

Skulls at the Cult of Weird table
The Mad Taxidermist brought some skulls along.

Cult of Weird at the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference
Rob and Christina man the Cult of Weird table.

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference Speakers

When I wasn’t at our table fighting off a paralyzing social anxiety with Rob (while Christina did all the talking) I managed to catch a few of the presentations. Wisconsin MUFON investigator Mark O’Connell discussed some of the unusual and often quirky UFO sightings in the state.

Did you know that in 1961, aliens served a man pancakes from their flying saucer?

Yes…that happened.

Linda S. Godfrey, author of Weird Wisconsin and The Beast of Bray Road, revealed some of the cryptozoological oddities seen in the state as detailed in her most recent book American Monsters.

Weird Wisconsin author Linda S. Godfrey discussing strange creatures seen around the state.
Linda S. Godfrey discussing strange creatures seen around the state.

And, of course, I wouldn’t miss Cult contributor J. Nathan Couch’s presentation on the more paranormal elements of the goatman legends in Wisconsin and across the US.

J. Nathan Couch talks goatman legends at the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference
J. Nathan Couch talks goatman legends to a riveted crowd in the lower Pub.

There were many other great speakers who I didn’t have the opportunity to see, including Allison Jornlin of Milwaukee Ghosts Tours & Investigations, Bigfoot researcher Jim Sherman, and Roswell expert Donald R. Schmitt, whose table happened to be right by ours and I didn’t even realize it, damn it.

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference
Tea Krulos hosts the Best Evidence Ever! panel with Allison Jornlin, Jim Sherman, and Nicholas Roesler at Milwaukee Paranormal Conference 2015.

Milwaukee Paranormal Conference Vendors

We had the honor of being (very) near illustrator David Beyer, Jr. and his amazing work, Alex Groh of Muddy Waters Press (he had a furry trout poster), The guys from Blurry Photos podcast, the Brew City Paranormal crew, and Mike Hoke of The Strange Side with Mike and Nate and Cedarburg Ghost Tours.

The artwork of illustrator David Beyer Jr.
The artwork of illustrator David Beyer, Jr.

Podcast of the Century crew at Milwaukee Paranormal Conference
Podcast of the Century

Goatman author J. Nathan Couch and MUFON investigator Mark O'Connell
Author J. Nathan Couch (Goatman: Flesh or Folklore?) and Mark O’Connell, MUFON Chief Investigator for Wisconsin.

Steve Hayes and Kim Poeppey of Dark Star Ministry (and Cult of Weird readers!)

Bigfoot photo booth at the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference
Yep, we found Bigfoot. Mystery solved.

Thank you to everyone who stopped to say hi! It was great to meet some local Cult of Weird readers who are passionate, curious, and, most of all, helping to keep the world weird.

Also, our eternal gratitude to Tea Krulos for putting the event together and bringing Cult of Weird on board. Can’t wait to do it again next year!

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