Katrina Weidman is coming to the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference This October

Katrina Weidman from the new Destination America series Paranormal Lockdown will be a keynote speaker at the 2016 Milwaukee Paranormal Conference.
Katrina Weidman of Paranormal Lockdown will be a guest speaker at the 2016 Milwaukee Paranormal Conference

JUST ANNOUNCED: Katrina Weidman, who hunts ghosts alongside former Ghost Adventures star Nick Groff on the new Destination America series Paranormal Lockdown, will be a keynote speaker on the subject of paranormal investigation at the upcoming 2016 Milwaukee Paranormal Conference.

From the announcement:

Paranormal Lockdown premiered at the beginning of this month and was the Destination America channel’s highest rated series premiere. The show features Katrina and Nick staying for 72 hours in some of the nation’s most notoriously haunted locations, with guest appearances by a variety of famed paranormal investigators. The first two episodes have aired and both featured some rather frightening evidence!

Katrina also appeared on A&E channel’s popular docu-drama Paranormal State, which lasted 5 seasons and followed Katrina and her Paranormal Research Society teammates and their cases. She was also the host of Chiller channel’s fan favorite show Real Fear: The Truth Behind the Movies and is also an actress, lead singer of a band, a producer, and a lecturer.

The Milwaukee Paranormal Conference is happening October 14-16, 2016.
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Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman on the new Destination America series Paranormal Lockdown

Build Your Own Jacob’s Ladder

Unleash your inner mad scientist! Popular Science shows you how to build your own DIY Jacob’s Ladder, a must-have for any deranged laboratory.
Popular Science shows you how to build your own Jacob's Ladder

Named for the ladder to heaven dreamed of by Jacob in the Book of Genesis, Jacob’s Ladder is a high voltage traveling arc device which creates sparks that rise up between two conductors. Now you can make your laboratory complete with your own DIY mad scientist equipment.

All you need is about 4 hours, $125 worth of parts, and this guide from Popular Science to build your own Jacob’s Ladder:

The science behind a Jacob’s Ladder is simple: When voltage is applied between conductors—in this case, the two wires—electrons on the positive side want to leap to the negative side. To do that, they have to over- come the insulating barrier of air between the wires.

If you crank the voltage high enough, the electrons break free and turn the air into plasma. Since plasma is a great conductor of electricity, an arc appears between the wires. The heated air around the plasma is less dense than the air above, so it moves upward. The electrons follow, causing the arc to travel.

Build it here: How to Build a Jacob’s Ladder

Multiple exposure photo of a Jacob's Ladder
Multiple exposure image of a Jacob’s Ladder via Wikimedia Commons

Zak Bagans to Feature Haunted Objects in New Series Deadly Possessions

Zak Bagans, star of Ghost Adventures, will feature cursed and haunted objects in the new Travel Channel series Deadly Possessions.
Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans will feature haunted objects in new Travel Channel series

Zak Bagans, paranormal investigator and star of the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventurers, recently announced a new series centered around haunted objects called Deadly Possessions. Bagans has been collecting unusual items for a while now, including a demon-infested hell house in Gary, Indiana, Dr. Kevorkian’s death mobile, and a skull which apparently caused himself and his girlfriend to be attacked by an evil entity in their home.

Well it turns out Zak is opening a museum in Las Vegas to showcase items believed to possess negative energy and evil attachments. The new series will feature some of the most notorious inanimate objects, including Robert the killer doll (Zak loves dolls), the Dibbuk box, and “a secret possession implicated in the death of actress Natalie Wood.”

Well, now we know what he wanted with Ed Gein’s cauldron.

Deadly Possessions premieres on Saturday, April 2nd at 9pm, 8 central on the Travel Channel.

Zak Bagans will feature haunted objects in his new Travel Channel series Deadly Possessions

via Dread Central

Recent: Ed Gein’s Cauldron featured on Deadly Possessions

The Witch Movie Playset for Kids

Let your kids conjure up some good old fashioned 1600s witchcraft with Black Phillip and the fam from The Witch!

Does a demonic black goat and the brutal slaughter of your entire family in the woods bring back fond childhood memories? If so, then this playset created by Millionaire Playboy, based on the recent arthouse horror film The Witch, will surely strike a chord.

Yes, those are the innocent Playmobil figures that we all grew up playing with, now twisted and perverted into the outcast family from The Witch who find themselves at the mercy of the devil himself.

From Millionaire Playboy:

Here is the whole playset! (Creepy forest sold separately) We’ve got the homestead, the shed, and the whole family! William can spend his days chopping wood, Katherine comes with a knife (and her silver cup). We have the stunning Thomasin (keep an eye on Anya Taylor-Joy she will be a superstar) as she ventures into the woods. There’s Caleb with the rifle and gunpowder (and special forest friend), and those two rotten twins Mercy and Jonas. They come with a stick to torment Black Philip. And finally Samuel, but he gets lost pretty easily.

The only thing missing is that adorable, suckling raven.

Re-enact Caleb's death in The Witch

Sell your soul to Black Phillip

The Witch movie playset

Hail Satan, kids…right after snack and nap time.

h/t Dread Central

Nikola Tesla Educational Coloring Book

Color in the history of electricity with the Nikola Tesla coloring book created by artist and Tesla enthusiast Niffer Desmond.
Nikola Tesla educational coloring book by Niffer Desmond

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign and beautiful illustrations by artist Niffer Desmond, you can now explore the life and electrical wizardry of Nikola Tesla, the “man of tomorrow,” through this fascinating educational coloring book.

While you color you will learn about the battle of the currents, when Tesla’s direct current went head-to-head with Edison’s direct current, as well as Tesla’s most powerful inventions, his belief in free energy from the Earth, and more.

A page from the Nikola Tesla coloring book

Get your copy of the Nikola Tesla coloring book at teslacoloringbook.com