Nazca alien mummy hoax

Weekend Weird: Dali Exhumed, Nazca Alien Mummy, and more

Nazca alien mummy hoax, Salvador Dali paternity test, Rob Lowe encounters a Bigfoot, and more in this week’s roundup of weird news.

The 2017 Roswell UFO Festival is happening right now

Nazca alien mummy hoax revealed

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Corpses keep rolling into Ireland man’s garden

Salvador Dali to be exhumed for paternity test

Evidence of human sacrifice at Wisconsin pyramid mound

Sounds of the nightmare machine

Dentures made from dead men’s teeth

Boaty McBoatface completes its first mission

Milwaukee’s haunted bar to be featured in upcoming Netflix series

Fake news and atheists blamed for ruining Kentucky’s Noah’s Ark theme park

Explore the timeless world of Vodou, deep within the caves of Haiti

How to fake a seance with American mentalist Joseph Dunninger

The occult roots of modernism

Rob Lowe says he encountered bigfoot-like “wood ape” in the Ozarks

Hints of skull cult found at world’s oldest temple Gobekli Tepe

Waves above the Earth may have once caused a ‘Nocturnal Sun’

Recreating the Antikythera Mechanism

Cult of Weird Collection

Patterson-Gimlin film Bigfoot cast
This is a cast of a Bigfoot print taken from the filmsite of the famous 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film, where a female Bigfoot (Patty) is seen lumbering along the shore of Bluff Creek near Orleans, California. I picked up this cast from Loren Coleman of the International Cryptozoology Museum when I had the opportunity to meet him at the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference last year.

As a skeptic (I want to believe…) I had to take the opportunity to ask Coleman his opinion on the film, especially since he is not only an expert on the subject, but after chatting with him briefly it became clear he is a very intelligent and thoughtful man ruled by logic and reason. He said he is “97% sure it’s real.”

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This week’s featured WEIRD BOOK

Pirate Women book
Who were the the princesses, prostitutes, and privateers who ruled the seven seas, and why were they ignored by history? Laura Sook Duncombe takes you into the real and legendary history of swashbuckling ladies in her new book Pirate Women.
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This month’s top weird books:

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Pirate Women

Pirate Women Who Ruled the Seven Seas

Who were the the princesses, prostitutes, and privateers who ruled the seven seas, and why were they ignored by history?

Pirate Women: The Princesses, Prostitutes, and Privateers Who Ruled the Seven Seas
by Laura Sook Duncombe
264 pages
Chicago Review Press

History is full of stories about Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, Henry Morgan, and other fearsome male pirates, but what about their female counterparts? According to author Laura Sook Duncombe, “Women pirates are often absent in historical discussion because their very existence is threatening to traditional male and female gender roles. Pirates live outside the laws of man, but women pirates live outside the laws of nature.”

From the book description:

In the first-ever Seven Seas history of the world’s female buccaneers, Pirate Women: The Princesses, Prostitutes, and Privateers Who Ruled the Seven Seas tells the story of women, both real and legendary, who through the ages sailed alongside—and sometimes in command of—their male counterparts. These women came from all walks of life but had one thing in common: a desire for freedom. History has largely ignored these female swashbucklers, until now. Here are their stories, from ancient Norse princess Alfhild and warrior Rusla to Sayyida al-Hurra of the Barbary corsairs; from Grace O’Malley, who terrorized shipping operations around the British Isles during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I; to Cheng I Sao, who commanded a fleet of four hundred ships off China in the early nineteenth century.

Pirate Women book
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Judge Orders Body of Salvador Dali to be Exhumed

A woman claiming to be Salvador Dali’s daughter from a 1955 affair has been trying to get a paternity test since 2007.
Salvador Dali to be exhumed for paternity test

A judge in Madrid has the ordered the exhumation of Salvador Dali in order to obtain biological samples for a paternity suit, the BBC reports. Maria Pilar Abel Martinez, born in 1956, claims her mother had a secret affair with the famed surrealist painter in 1955 when she was working as a maid for a family who spent part of the year in Cadaqués where Dali lived.

Dali was married to Gala at the time, and the couple had no children.

Martinez has been trying to get a paternity test since 2007. The court ordered the exhumation due to “lack of other biological or personal remains with which to compare” DNA samples. The Dali Foundation doesn’t agree with the decision, stating they are “preparing an appeal to oppose this exhumation that will be lodged in the coming days.”

If DNA analysis proves that Martinez is in fact the daughter of Salvador Dali, she will be entitled to a portion of the artist’s estate, which he left to the Spanish state upon his death in 1989.

Update: Salvador Dali’s mustache found intact

16th Annual Mothman Festival is Happening this September in Point Pleasant

The 16th annual gathering to commemorate the mysterious Mothman is happening this September in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.
Mothman Festival 2017 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia

It’s been 50 years since the collapse of the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, as well as the bizarre sightings and unexplained events leading up to it. Was Mothman trying to warn of the impending tragedy, or did the mysterious flying humanoid creature cause it?

We may never know, but Point Pleasant, home of the Mothman Museum, Mothman statue, and the annual Mothman Festival, have made peace with it. The 16th annual Mothman Festival happens this September 16th and 17th, with live music, vendors, hayrides and bus tours through the notorious TNT area, a Mothman 5K run, the Miss Mothman Pageant, and plenty of food shaped like everyone’s favorite harbinger of doom.

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This year’s guests speakers will include:

Lyle Blackburn, executive producer of the new “Mothman of Point Pleasant” documentary, will be discussing “Beyond Boggy Creek: In Search of the Southern Sasquatch”

Author and paranormal investigations expert Rosemary Ellen Guiley will be talking about the “Interdimensional Paraphysical Sasquatch”

Seth Breedlove, director/producer of “Mothman of Point Pleasant” on “Small Town Monsters: Turning Legends into Time Capsules”

There will also be a meet and greet with the AIMS Team from Destination America’s “Mountain Monsters” series.

Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, WV

More speakers and festival events being announced soon.

For more info go to

Mothman of Point Pleasant Documentary Now Streaming on Amazon

New Mothman documentary explores in detail the strange events in Point Pleasant, WV that culminated in the collapse of the Silver Bridge in 1967.
Mothman of Point Pleasant documentary on Amazon

The latest documentary from Small Town Monsters focuses on the bizarre 13 months of Mothman sightings and other phenomena that happened in Point Pleasant, West Virginia leading up to the disastrous collapse of the Silver Bridge in which 46 lives were lost. Mothman of Point Pleasant, narrated by cryptozoologist Lyle Blackburn, is now streaming on Amazon right here.

From the description:

In November of 1966 a car full of kids encountered a creature unlike anything they’d ever seen before. In the weeks and months to follow, the monster (now known as The Mothman) was sighted again and again on country roads and around the state of West Virginia. As the sightings continued so did an increase in unusual activity.

At the center of this bizarre series of events was the town of Point Pleasant, WV. A small burb situated on the banks of the Ohio river with a lengthy history of what many might call bad luck. Over the next thirteen months Point Pleasant would undergo one of the strangest outbreaks of paranormal activity the world has ever seen. An outbreak that eventually ended in tragedy.

Mothman of Point Pleasant Trailer

Watch it now right here

Mothman documentary poster