Fap for the Mothman

Things get steamy (and weird) for three cryptozoologists tracking down Mothman in this new cryptozoological erotica story.

Mothman isn’t exactly a sex icon. Not like dinosaurs, Sasquatch, extraterrestrials, and the other lascivious creatures copulating with humans in the volumes of monster erotica available on Amazon.

But that is set to change with the new short e-book Fap for the Mothman. This is an important milestone because, as author Dr. Lenore Ronalds says, it may be “the first erotica involving the Mothman.”

Frank and Alec, interns with the American Cryptozoological Institute, are in Chicago following reports of Mothman sightings near Lake Michigan with little success. But thankfully they’re getting backup: World renowned cryptozoologist Professor Mary Ann Worth, known for her skills in tracking down and hooking up with with cryptids like Bigfoot and the Beast of Bray Road.

All in the name of science, of course.

Upon her arrival in Chicago, Ms. Worth follows a lead that brings her to the Skydeck of the Sears tower, where she has her first (sticky) encounter with the large, winged creature and it’s feathery member.

But don’t worry, she’s not the only one getting in on the action, as it turns out Mothman is gender fluid and capable of producing whatever genitalia it needs to get the job done. It seems John Keel left that part out of his book about the Point Pleasant Mothman encounters, but thankfully Fap for the Mothman even provides a historical glimpse into Mothman’s unusual mating activities.

In the end, Mary Ann, Frank, and Alec manage to find some very compelling evidence of Mothman.

Including samples. LOADS of samples.

Cryptorotica: Fap for the Mothman

Fap for the Mothman is the third installment in Lenore Ronalds’ Cryptorotica Adventures series. Read more about Professor Mary Ann Worth’s paranormal exploits in Bigfoot Hunt Seduction, Sexwolf Howl, and Swamp Monster Lover.

Follow the author on Twitter: @DrLenoreRonalds

The Rizzle haunted dance

The Haunted Dance

When Elena discovers a video online of a 1920s vaudeville dancer doing a curious dance called “The Rizzle,” she soon regrets accepting the challenge to learn it. The Rizzle is a short horror film created by director Josh Tanner for the Huluween Film Fest.

“I have been infatuated by the 1920s for quite some time and a little haunted by the music, fashion and video and sound recording aesthetics,” Tanner says, “that I couldn’t help but be inspired when I had an opportunity to make a new short.”

About the Huluween Film Fest:

Hulu’s hosting our first ever Film Fest competition with 8 up-and-coming filmmakers making spooky shorts that you can watch right here! The short with the most views as well as a vote from a surprise celebrity judge will win 10k and will be featured on all Hulu social media on October 31st. Watch if you dare!

Tanner also created another favorite of mine: The Landing.

Christine McConnell's Halloween Monster House

Christine McConnell’s Halloween Monster House

Macabre baker and artist Christine McConnell turned her parents’ home into a real life monster house for Halloween.
Christine McConnell's Halloween monster house

Three years ago Christine McConnell, purveyor of morbid cakes and crafts, as well as the star of the new Netflix series The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell, decorated her parent’s Los Angeles-area home for Halloween. It got so much attention that she was approached by some 300 production companies to create her own reality show.

But McConnell wanted to do it her own way, and signup up to work with the Jim Henson Company to create a show that combines dark Addams Family-style humor, macabre puppets, and baking. Exactly what you’d expect from her.

So this year she returned to spook up her parents’ home again, overhauling the entire front of the house with a giant monster face, menacing eyes, and giant fangs.

McConnell says it took her over a month to create, and is her most ambitious project to date.

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell

Watch how it was made:

See Christine McConnell’s monster house creation for yourself at 27773 Pacific St in Highland, California or find more photos on her Instagram.

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell

Salem graveyard during Halloween - Old Burying Point Cemetery

Giles Corey, the Salem Witch Who Was Pressed to Death

Accused of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials, Giles Corey was slowly crushed to death with rocks for refusing to enter a plea.