Morbid Valentines Day gifts

Love You to Death: Featured Oddities Morbid Valentines Edition

Who says romance isn’t dead?

This Valentine’s Day, conjure something from beyond the veil for that special someone who has your heart…in a jar.

NOTE: These items may be extremely limited in quantity or one-offs and may not be available long.

Demons Enamel Pin

You're never alone if you have demons enamel pin
You’re never alone if you have demons. Enamel pin by Ectogasm.

Heart in a Bell Jar

Anatomical heart in a bell jar
A miniature resin anatomical “Conquered Heart” in a bell jar.

Rose Petal Planchette

Ouija board planchette with rose petals
Handmade using an alchemical process called electroforming, this resin Ouija board planchette is adorned with a bird skull replica with peridot eyes and an amethyst cluster.

Spooky Bears

Spooky love plush bears from KMSxCo
Love from beyond the grave. Death-positive plush Valentines bears from KMSxCo.

Heart Throb Card

Heart Throb Valentine's Day card
Few things are as romantic as a stake through the heart.

Skulls Print

Misfits I want your skulls print
5×7 art print featuring lyrics by the Misfits.

My Darling Trinket Box

My Darling Valentine trinket boxes by Meagan Meli
Valentine trinket box resembling a coffin plaque. Handmade by Meagan Meli.

Fatally Yours Morbid Chocolates

Fatally Yours morbid Valentines chocolates
Dig up these limited edition handmade Valentines goodies from Vegan Treats.

Satan Valentine

Satan is my Valentine T-shirt
Our shriveled black hearts belong together.

Bump in the Night

Let's go bump in the night Valentine's card
Bump in the night with that special specter with this Valentine’s Day card.

Preserved Heart

Preserved pig heart by ScientificWoman
A preserved pig heart artfully dissected and preserved by ScientificWoman.

Dark Victorian Valentines Candles

Dark Victorian Valentines candles by Witch City Wicks
Darkly romantic Victorian-inspired Valentine candles from Witch City Wicks.

Rasputin's penis

Rasutin’s Penis: The Mythical, Magical Manhood of Russia’s Mad Monk

Grigori Rasputin’s penis is legendary. After being separated from his body, it was venerated as a fertility talisman, cured impotence, and used in secret rituals. But is this pickled phallus really the mystical manhood of Russia’s mad monk?

McJesus sculpture

McJesus Sculpture Sparks Outrage and Protests in Israel

Israel’s Arab Christian community is protesting a sculpture of a crucified Ronald McDonald.

Christian Arabs in Isreal are protesting Ronald Donald crucified on a cross The Washington Post reports. The sculpture, named “McJesus,” is on display at the Haifa Museum of Art. It is meant to be a “critique of society’s capitalistic culture,” museum officials said, but to the hundreds of protesters demanding it be removed, it is seen as insensitive to their religion and offensive.

Protesters have been holding peaceful rallies, candle vigils and painting crosses on street signs, but last week there was a riot in which rocks and a firebomb were thrown at the museum.

McJesus has been on display since August and viewed by over 30,000 visitors to the museum, apparently against the wishes of its creator. Finnish artist Jani Leinonen says he wants his sculpture removed from the exhibit.

The museum refuses to remove the piece, saying it would undermine freedom of expression. But they did hang a sheet over the entrance to the exhibit and put up a sign stating that McJesus is not meant to be offensive.

“This is the maximum that we can do,” museum director Nissim Tal said. “If we take the art down, the next day we’ll have politicians demanding we take other things down, and we’ll end up only with colorful pictures of flowers in the museum.”

McJesus sculpture

God could not be reached for comment.

HH Holmes VR game

Explore the Horrors of H.H. Holmes’ Murder Castle in Upcoming VR Game

VR game will let you experience the macabre secrets of H.H. Holmes while evading the killer himself in the hotel he built for murder.

UFOs is Dundee? Mark Borchardt investigates.

Mark Borchardt basks in the weirdness of a local UFO gathering in The Dundee Project

Meet the unusual attendees of a small town Wisconsin UFO festival who have been watching the skies and communicating with extraterrestrials for decades.

Filmmaker Mark Borchardt, subject of the 1999 documentary American Movie about his struggle to produce an independent horror film with friends and family, returns with his first short film in over 20 years. The Dundee Project is a 19-minute doc that examines the unique characters who populate a local UFO hotspot in Dundee, Wisconsin.

Strange things have been happening around the small town of Dundee for a long time. Located in the heart of the Kettle Moraine State Forest, the area draws hundreds of thousands annually for it’s bountiful hiking, fishing, and camping. But for decades, visitors and residents alike have been baffled and sometimes even frightened by oddly-shaped objects in the sky over Long Lake, lights in the watery depths beneath, and numerous other unexplained phenomena like lake monsters and wolfmen.

In 1988, following a particularly bizarre incident in which reeds were found flattened and woven into a circular formation thick enough to walk on without falling through into the water, tavern owner Bill Benson and the late Robert “UFO Bob” Keuhn decided to host a gathering where everyone could share their experiences.

Decades later, UFO Daze is still held every year on the third Saturday in July. Believers and skeptics alike gather at Benson’s Hide-a-Way, the “UFO Headquarters,” to enjoy a cup of spiked green punch and wear artfully crafted tinfoil hats.

The Dundee Project

The Dundee Project opens with Borchardt’s drive north into the hinterlands (passing right behind the Cult of Weird hive along the way) as he recalls in voice-over about learning of the festival on the “sad, infinite wastelands of cable television.”

He first attended UFO Daze in 2001 after discovering it was within driving distance of his hometown of Milwaukee. “I consulted the charts and realized that it was practically in my own backyard,” he says.

He brought his camera along and filmed a series of interviews with the festival’s curious participants as he returned year after year to what he calls “a lakeside haven for the thirsty and the curious.”

Robert “UFO Bob” Keuhn

Mark speaks to several attendees who have personally witnessed extraterrestrial activity, but the primary reason to watch are his conversations with UFO Bob. Bob was a radio personality who used his show to transmit messages to extraterrestrials. The same ones, apparently, who tune in to Green Bay Packers games.

Bob is even in direct communication with a female alien named Eveata whom he refers to at one point during the film as his girlfriend.

Mark doesn’t seem to buy it, prodding Bob with questions that challenge his claims. My favorite moments occur in the outtakes and deleted scenes (thankfully included in both DVD and digital download formats), with Mark’s frustration over Bob’s unshakable beliefs. This is particularly evident when Bob informs Mark that aliens “tampered” with a photo of a UFO over Benson’s that Mark feels is obviously digitally manipulated.

People watching for UFOs in Dundee, Wisconsin
Waiting for aliens to arrive at UFO Daze

I’ve spent the last several years researching the phenomena around Long Lake, including several recent expeditions to the area and a hike to the top of Dundee Mountain, an ancient glacial formation at the southern end of the lake that some believe is the origin of the unusual activity. I even attended the 30th annual UFO Daze in 2018. I haven’t seen anything myself, but it doesn’t really matter. Whether it’s actually aliens or just hi-tech trickery (I’ve heard rumors of hoaxes perpetrated during UFO Daze) the evidence is irrefutable to the denizens of Benson’s, who sit in their lawn chairs at the edge of the lake patiently awaiting visitors from outer space.

As UFO Bob says, “What we’re seeing out here is there.”

The Dundee Project is part humor and part mystery, guaranteed to either ignite your conspiracy theory-fueled paranoia or leave you scratching your head in bewilderment.

Either way, keep looking up.

The Dundee Project trailer narrated by Wisconsin native Jason Vernon of Bon Iver

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