Cult of Weird

Happy Birthday Cult: Nine Years of Weird

Cult of Weird turns 9 and we’re celebrating with some new gear to cover your corpse with.

June 23rd is a day to reflect on the majesty of the pink flamingo lawn ornament. But it is also, coincidentally, the anniversary of Cult of Weird’s birth. Nine years ago today, after months of gestation and blood ritual, I made a sacrifice to the internet gods and conjured forth this website from the gooey void.

So put on your birthday suit (or someone else’s) and join me in wishing the Cult a happy 9th birthday!

To celebrate, I’ve launched a new shop where you can get some exclusive Cult of Weird gear to wrap your corpse and your crypt with – shirts, stickers, prints, and more. When you’re done celebrating in your birthday suit and it’s time to return it to the grave you exhumed it from, of course.

Take a look at some of the offerings:

Cult of Weird goat skull occult t-shirt

Cult of Weird Cannibal Isles t-shirt

Cult of Weird Shamash t-shirt

Cult of Weird oddities t-shirt

Since summer is here, you can get your official Cult of Weird summer camp shirt:

Cult of Weird UFO summer camp t-shirt


Over the course of those nine years Cult of Weird content has been view by many millions of people. It’s been on TV. It’s been shared by the likes of National Geographic, Elvira, and Neil Gaiman.

Thank you all for reading, following, and sharing!

Sideshow banner for sale

Featured Oddities #5: Son of the Devil, Blue Ghost, and Reindeer Horn

Today’s gathering of weird art and morbid oddities for sale.

Hey there, it’s been awhile. Time has not been on my side lately, and it’s all I can do just to push out a monthly newsletter. But a handful of recent discoveries made me realize it was time to dust off the “Featured Oddities” series to showcase some things I know you’ll be dying to adorn your corpse and your crypt with.

Son of the Devil Sideshow Banner

Son of the Devil sideshow banner
Authentic, vintage sideshow banners are hard to come by, and certainly not affordable for the casual circus freak enthusiast as they can go for thousands of dollars. That’s why I knew this large, high quality reproduction created by Jason Lonon of Death-Ray Design would be hanging on my wall the moment I saw it.


Ouija Blue Ghost T-Shirt

Ouija blue ghost t-shirt from the Talking Board Historical Society
Dubbed the Blue Ghost by William Fuld himself, the mysterious figure that graced the boxes of his iconic Ouija board from 1941-1972 is now on a t-shirt for the first time from the Talking Board Historical Society.


Reindeer Horn Incense Burner

Reindeer horn incense burner by Bloodreligion
From my favorite purveyor of pagan art and household goods, this handcrafted incense burner or candle holder is made from genuine reindeer horn, copper wire, and a copper bowl.


Coral Lorenzen, pioneer of UFO research

Coral Lorenzen: The “Flying Saucer Lady” Who Pioneered UFO Research

Coral Lorenzen’s interest in UFOs began at just 9 years old, when she witnessed a mysterious object in the sky over Barron, Wisconsin over a decade before Roswell.