Cult of Weird Plague Diary

Plague Diary #2: Flagellating for the Rona

God put us in time out for our sins.

Bizarro horror books by Danger Slater

Getting Weird with Danger Slater

Digging into the bizarro horror of author Danger Slater.

Tree trunk throne in Kendal, England

Throne Carved Into a Tree Trunk

Local history carved into the trunk of a fallen tree in Kendal, England.

Cult of Weird Plague Diary

Plague Diary #1: Scenes from the Coronapocalypse

Panic in the streets, social distancing in the sheets.

Horror actor Bill Oberst Jr reads gothic literature

Listen to Horror Actor Bill Oberst Jr. Read Gothic Literature

Escape into the dark woods with Bill Oberst Jr. as he reads classic works of Gothic literature in his new podcast.