Strangest wonders of the natural world

5 Strange Wonders of the Natural World

The lake with a moving eye, a mysterious forest of crooked trees, and the largest living organism are among the strangest natural wonders of the world.

Brandon Fugal, owner of Skinwalker Ranch

Skinwalker Ranch Owner Brandon Fugal’s Synth Wave Band

Before he was the mysterious owner of Skinwalker Ranch, Brandon Fugal was one half of the 1980s throwback synth wave duo Supplicant.

Eerie nighttime photography by Briscoe Park

Strange Encounters in the Eerie Nighttime Photography of Briscoe Park

Creepy lights and shadowy figures haunt the night with a provocative otherworldly ambiance in these nighttime scenes by photographer Briscoe Park.

Watch Titanic sink in real time

Watch the Titanic Sink in Real Time

Experience the full horror of the night the Titanic sank in this real-time animation showing what happened as the ship was slowly dragged into the cold depths.

Shroud of Turin replica at Holy Hill

The (Replica) Shroud of Turin at Holy Hill National Shrine

A replica of the controversial Shroud of Turin, a piece of cloth seemingly imprinted with the impression of the corpse of Jesus, at Holy Hill in Wisconsin.