Bad O' Beach Bones sand toys

Bag O’ Beach Bones

These life-size human skeleton sand toys are perfect for little anthropologists and budding serial killers alike.

Was Forrest Fenn's treasure really found?

Was Fenn’s Treasure Really Found, or is He Planning Something Darker?

The hunt for Fenn’s Treasure is over. Or is it? A CBS anchor claims Fenn’s plan was to be buried with his treasure when he died.

Cult of Weird oddities collection

A Decade of Weird: Cult of Weird Turns 10

Ten years ago today Cult of Weird crawled out of the roadkill in the ditches of the information superhighway to make the world a stranger place.

Grave Goods by Tui Snider

Grave Goods

From military tombstones to alien burials, cemetery explorer Tui Snider explores the forgotten meanings behind objects left at gravesites for the deceased.

Xylaria polymorpha fungus, otherwise known as dead man's fingers

Dead Man’s Toes Fungus: Xylaria polymorpha Mushroom

The corpse-like qualities of the creepy Xylaria polymorpha fungus earned it the nickname “dead man’s fingers.”