Fall reading list

Fall Reading List 2020

Strange graves, messages from beyond the veil, bizarre legends and enduring mysteries. Find your next morbid must-read on the Cult of Weird fall reading list.

Dune primitive stillsuit designed by artist Mark de Bakker

Beyond Dune: Primitive Stillsuits Imagined by Artist Mark de Bakker

Artist Mark de Bakker envisions an early, anatomical design for Dune’s iconic stillsuits worn by the desert dwellers of Arrakis.

Spectral Illusions

A 19th Century Book of Ghosts Gets New Life

A new edition of the 1864 book created to expose the “absurd follies of spiritualism” by demonstrating how the senses can be deceived into seeing ghosts.

Childhood home of presidential assassin Charles Guiteau in Wisconsin

Presidential Assassin Charles Guiteau Grew Up in this Wisconsin Ghost Town

Ulao may be gone, but history will not forget this Wisconsin ghost town’s most deranged resident – the man who shot President Garfield.