Oddities from the Cult of Weird collection

Cursed Objects: Cult of Weird Collection #2

Cursed objects from the collection, including an item once owned by Ed Gein, pieces of Aleister Crowley’s House, and mid-century mortuary handbooks.

Hillside Cemetery, part of the Witches Triangle in Whitewater

Digging up Bizarre Lore in Wisconsin’s Second Salem

Tracking down Wisconsin’s strangest legends, from the Beast of Bray Road and the Amityville Horror house to the witches of Whitewater’s haunted cemeteries.

The Giant Spider Invasion

The Giant Spider Invasion

The Giant Spider Invasion hatched upon the world a hoard of monstrous alien arachnids and the greatest low-budget horror film ever made

Vidstone video gravestone has an embedded LCD screen

Vidstone Video Gravestone

Created by the “Walt Disney of the Funeral Business,” the Vidstone is a gravestone that memorializes your loved one with an embedded video of the deceased.

Ouija board

Ouija Board Rules

Following the rules of the Ouija board will help keep you safe from the trickster spirits and demonic entities that may come through the board.