Utah monolith

Utah Monolith Mystery: Modern Art or Alien Odyssey?

The mysterious Utah Monolith was discovered in a remote part of the desert and vanished soon after. We still don’t know who put it there or who removed it.

Enjoy the sounds of the squeaky desert rain frog

Listen to the War Cry of the Desert Rain Frog

Enjoy the soothing sounds of the cute but angry desert rain frog, nature’s furious little squeaky toy.

D.B. Cooper hijacking - What happened to the ransom money?

D.B. Cooper Hijacking Remains an Unsolved Mystery

The D.B. Cooper hijacking is one of the strangest unsolved cases in U.S. history. Nearly 50 years after Cooper parachuted into obscurity, here’s what we know.

Weird Christmas gifts from the Cult of Weird holiday gift guide 2020

Cult of Weird Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Wish that special stiff on your shopping list a Creepy Christmas with these weird gift ideas from the Cult of Weird Holiday Gift Guide.

Guillotine cake

My Birthday Guillotine Cake

Let them eat cake! My Addams Family-inspired Victorian birthday cake with a working guillotine cake topper.