2020 in review weird news

2020 Weird Year in Review

From glory holes and monoliths to UFOs and the Loch Ness Monster, 2020 has been uniquely deranged. Here’s a look at the year’s weird news stories.

Galactic Federation alien base on Mars

US Secretly Working with Aliens in the Galactic Federation on Mars

Former head of the Israeli space program Haim Eshed says aliens exist and the US has been secretly involved with the Galactic Federation on Mars.

Macabre London's Abhorrent Advent Calendar digs up the German folklore of Knecht Ruprecht, the anti-Santa

Knecht Ruprecht, the German Anti-Santa

Who is Knecht Ruprecht? Dig into the weird folklore of German’s anti-Santa in this episode of Macabre London’s Abhorrent Advent Calendar.