The history of Spiritualism

The History of Spiritualism

Explore the roots of Spiritualism, from the Fox Sisters and their haunted home in Hydesville, to the seances, spirit cabinets and ectoplasm of the early 1900s.

House 80s horror movies

Houses of Horror: Mills View Mansion and Stimson House

Mills View and Stimson House served as the filming locations for the cinematic haunted houses of two creepy and quirky 80s horror movies.

Ronald DeFeo Jr. murdered his family in the Amityville Horror house

Ronald DeFeo Jr., the Amityville Horror killer

Before the Lutz family made the house famous in The Amityville Horror, Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot and killed his entire family while they slept in their beds.

Ed Gein graphic novel by Eric Powell and Harold Schechter

Ed Gein Graphic Novel Coming from Eric Powell and Harold Schechter

Dig up the tragic life and disturbing crimes of Wisconsin murderer Ed Gein in the upcoming graphic novel from Eric Powell and Harold Schechter.

Ed Gein brought back to life with Deep Nostalgia AI technology

Ed Gein Reanimated with Deep Nostalgia

Ed Gein is back from the dead thanks to a creepy new tool called Deep Nostalgia that brings old photos back to life through animated deepfake videos.