Weird News

Flushed into the Hereafter, CERN Portals to Hell, Starfish Cartwheels

Unlike the big bucket of nope that was yesterday’s headlines with the horrific dead spider claw machine, today’s weird news involves several of my favorite topics: Hell portals, deep sea monstrosities, and strange new ways to depart this mortal coil.

More on aquamation:

Weird News

Necrobot Spiders, Loch Ness Monster, Barbie House

Welcome to the first edition of “Daily Weird,” which may or may not end up being quite as daily as I would prefer. For the last 12 years I’ve almost exclusively shared the latest bizarre, absurd, and otherwise weird news headlines on the Cult of Weird Facebook feed and/or Twitter, but the rampant spread of hate and intentionally disseminated misinformation that arose in 2020 onward has made me increasingly more anti-social (media).

So let’s try this, instead.

Dead spider necrobot

Worst claw game ever.

Today’s Weird News

The Curse of Mokele-Mbembe


Remember this 80s movie about an orphaned baby dinosaur?

The discovery of plesiosaur fossils reminds me of the story of Mokele-mbembe, supposedly real modern-day dinosaurs that native tribes say live in the waters and dense jungles of the Congo. Around 1960, two of these creatures were disrupting the fishing activities of a tribe in the Lake Tele region. The tribe put up a barrier of stakes in hopes of keeping the beasts out of the lake. When one dino still tried to break through into the lake, the tribe attacked it with spears and killed it.

They spent the next several days butchering the giant creature, and then held a victory feast in which they cooked and ate it. However, every member of the tribe who participated in the feast died of food poisoning or other natural causes soon after.