Alien pancakes

Alien Pancakes: A Bizarre Breakfast Encounter with a UFO

One of the most peculiar encounters with a UFO involves aliens serving breakfast in Eagle River, Wisconsin.

There is no story of the unexplained more bizarre, more outlandish, more “Wisconsin” than the one I am about to relate to you.

At 11:00 AM on April 18, 1961, Joe Simonton was sitting in his rural Eagle River home enjoying a late breakfast when he heard a commotion outside. When he investigated he witnessed a flying saucer “brighter than chrome” hovering above his house. The craft eventually landed in his backyard. The saucer opened up. Sitting inside were three mute aliens which Joe described as “Italian looking.”

Joe was given a large container, and somehow discerned that these strange creatures wanted water. When he returned with the liquid, one of the aliens was cooking pancakes on a flame-less cooking appliance. The creatures gave Joe the pancakes, saluted him, and flew away south, into legend.

Despite the incredible, even silly, details of this story, it was investigated by the United States Air Force, and is listed in their files as “unexplained.”

If you’re wondering, Joe tried one of the pancakes, which he said “tasted like cardboard.” He gave the other two cakes to a Vilas County ufologist. I’m not certain whatever became of these tasteless culinary oddities.

Shortly following this incident, several more sightings occurred. The entire ordeal is covered in great, entertaining, detail in Jay Rath’s book The W-Files (1997).

Joe Simonton holding one of the alien pancakes served to him by occupants of a UFO in Eagle River, Wisconsin
Joe Simonton holding an alien pancake. From the Vilas County News-Review, April 27, 1961.

J. Nathan Couch is the author of Goatman: Flesh or Folklore?, a fascinating investigation into the historical origins of goatman legends across the country.

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