Buffalo Bill’s Silence of the Lambs House for Sale

The Fayette County, Pennsylvania house used to portray the home of serial killer Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs is for sale.
Silence of the Lambs house for sale

For $300,000 the 4-bedroom, 1-bath Victorian where Clarice Starling came face to face with the Ed Gein-inspired serial killer Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Lambs can be yours.

Sadly, it does not seem to include a hostage in the basement. As a matter of fact, as one Cult of Weird reader mentioned, there isn’t even a pit in the basement, as that was filmed in the William Penn Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh.

The foyer and dining room of the house were used in the film. An article in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, describes a night in 1989 when owners Scott and Barbara Lloyd were eating dinner, when a movie producer knocked on their door. “They were looking for a home in which you entered the front door and had a straight line through,” Barbara said in the interview. “They wanted it to look like a spider web, with Buffalo Bill drawing Jodie Foster into the foyer, into the kitchen, then into the basement.”

Silence of the Lambs house for sale in Pennsylvania
Buffalo Bill’s house as seen in Silence of the Lambs

From the real estate listing:

An outstanding home, nestled in a quaint village, this 1910 Princess Anne home is a standout Perhaps that is why it was chosen to be featured in the Silence of the Lambs movie A near perfect expression of comfort w its wraparound verandah or its prominent staircase of paneled walls of oak, this home is a statement of taste and prosperity Plentiful outdoor activities from the inground pool, oversized shop/garage, or nearby fishing, hiking and even boating Take a peek inside to see why this home is famous…

Realtor Dianne Wilk says she wouldn’t be surprised if the house was turned into a horror-themed bed and breakfast.

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