The Witch Movie Playset for Kids

Let your kids conjure up some good old fashioned 1600s witchcraft with Black Phillip and the fam from The Witch!

Does a demonic black goat and the brutal slaughter of your entire family in the woods bring back fond childhood memories? If so, then this playset created by Millionaire Playboy, based on the recent arthouse horror film The Witch, will surely strike a chord.

Yes, those are the innocent Playmobil figures that we all grew up playing with, now twisted and perverted into the outcast family from The Witch who find themselves at the mercy of the devil himself.

From Millionaire Playboy:

Here is the whole playset! (Creepy forest sold separately) We’ve got the homestead, the shed, and the whole family! William can spend his days chopping wood, Katherine comes with a knife (and her silver cup). We have the stunning Thomasin (keep an eye on Anya Taylor-Joy she will be a superstar) as she ventures into the woods. There’s Caleb with the rifle and gunpowder (and special forest friend), and those two rotten twins Mercy and Jonas. They come with a stick to torment Black Philip. And finally Samuel, but he gets lost pretty easily.

The only thing missing is that adorable, suckling raven.

Re-enact Caleb's death in The Witch

Sell your soul to Black Phillip

The Witch movie playset

Hail Satan, kids…right after snack and nap time.

h/t Dread Central

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