Go Back to School With This Retro Bigfoot Lunchbox

Go in search of Bigfoot with this retro metal lunchbox, complete with cool sasquatch art and fun facts.
Retro metal Bigfoot lunchbox by Archie McFee
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Whether you’re going on an expedition to find the legendary sasquatch, or just going back to school, this retro metal Bigfoot lunchbox is perfect for transporting your peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Also, if you’re one of the kids from the 80s like me who is responsible for getting metal lunchboxes banned from school, you could probably use this thing for some pretty serious blunt force trauma.

In the event that you have to fend off an angry yeti in the woods, of course.
*Lunchbox not for use on human heads.

Back to school with the Bigfoot lunchbox

Get your retro Bigfoot lunchbox right here.

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