Giveaway: Enter to Win A Milwaukee Paranormal Conference Prize Pack

Win a great prize pack from the upcoming Milwaukee Paranormal Conference! Share your weird Wisconsin experience to enter.
Enter to win prize pack from the upcoming Milwaukee Paranormal Conference
Contest Details: WHAT YOU WIN | HOW TO ENTER

The Milwaukee Paranormal Conference is almost here!

If you’ve ever explored haunted places in Wisconsin, attended a ghost tour, or just like weird Wisconsin folklore, you won’t want to miss this event! Guest speakers include many of Wisconsin’s foremost authorities on the strange things happening in our state. There will also be panels, documentary film screenings, and some great vendors.

More details here: Milwaukee Paranormal Conference 2015

To celebrate, we’re giving away a prize pack full of things your conference experience won’t be complete without.

Here’s What You Can Win

The Milwaukee Paranormal Conference prize pack includes:

  • A Signed copy of Monster Hunters by Tea Krulos
  • Cult of Weird bookmark
  • Milwaukee Paranormal Conference sticker
  • 1 ticket* for a free photo in the Search for the Yeti photobooth
  • 1 ticket* for a free Milwaukee Paranormal Conference t-shirt

* Tickets redeemable at the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference merch booth on the day of the event, June 6, 2015.

How to Enter

Have you ever experienced something weird in Wisconsin? Have you seen a ghost, UFO, Goatman or other unexplained phenomena? We want to hear about it!

Share your experience in the comments of this Facebook post to enter for a chance to win the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference prize pack. The winner will be chosen at random on May 20th.

Win a Milwaukee Paranormal Conference prize pack! Share your weird Wisconsin story.

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    Sabrina says:

    My boyfriend and I rent a house in Evansville WI. I broke my hip in an accident several years ago and have to have a hip replacement this summer. The house has a stair lift going to the basement, making it the perfect place for me. Laundry room is down stairs. It also has an outdoor hot tub, great for soothing my hip. The former owner had muscular dystrophy and had both installed for him. About a year prior to us renting this house he had passed away here. Several months ago we were in bed asleep when we were awakened by a very loud noise in the hallway outside the bedroom. Not only was there a loud noise but the hall light also turned on. My boyfriend immediately jumped up and ran to see what was going on, we were the only ones in the house, besides our cat snowball. He discoved that a large mirror I had hanging on the wall of the hallway had fallen ( the wire it hangs by had broke) on its way down it flipped the light switch. There is two switches for the light, so by it slidding down, it made the light turn on. My boyfriend came back to bed after cleaning up the mess and fell back asleep pretty quickly. Not I! It rattled my nerves pretty good and I was having difficultly falling back asleep. About half and hour later snowball jumped up on the dresser next to my side of the bed. As I was looking at her there was another very loud noise. Both snowball and I jumped! My boyfriend woke up too, we both thought for sure someone was in our house! He grabbed bat from under the bed and went to investigate. He went through each room and even the basement but saw nothing. He made sure all the doors were locked, windows too. I had one heck of time falling back asleep. The next morning once I finally woke up, my boyfriend had already left for work. I went into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee and then sat down in the living room. That’s when I discovered what had made that loud noise. In the corner between the love seat and sofa I have an old chest. It sits on a wood table. On the chest I had a lamp and several heavy nick nacks, made of bronze. One is an antique mini clock, weighs a pound at least. Another is a antique insence burner, it weighs just as much. Well everything, the lamp, clock, insence burner were all scattered in different directions and laying on the floor. It made no sense, the only reasonable explanation would be the cat, snowball knocked it off. Well snowball was in my room, on the dresser, she even jumped when I jumped after hearing it. At this point I’m dumbfounded, then I hear snowball meowing in a strange tone. I call her but she won’t come, she is always ” up my butt” so to speak. She follows me from room to room all day long, even to the bathroom. I go to bedroom and there she is in the doorway acting like she’s scared to come out. I pet her and tell her to come out. I go back into the living room and finally she comes out. She is acting extremely skidish when walking thru that room. Her food and water is in the kitchen and you have to walk thru the living room. All day she walks very nervously thru that room. In fact for 2 days she refuses to stay in the room. Normally her favorite place to nap is on the love seat. A week or so later I learned the guy who passed away, died on his love seat which was in the same place were my love seat is and next to the chest. Since then both my boyfriend and I have heard and seen other strange things but nothing has spooked us like that night.


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