Review: Search for the Lost Giants

Unraveling the Mystery: Jim Vieira sets out to find evidence of the existence of an ancient race of giants in the debut episode of Search for the Lost Giants.
Search for the Lost Giants on History channel

Despite the recent ridicule of researchers such as Jim Vieira and the idea in general, the theory that giant humans once roamed the earth has been around for a very long time. I am interested in the subject not because I believe it is scientific fact, but because it is an intriguing story.

I’ve been formulating wild fiction in my head for years around ancient astronauts, giant mound builders, and the cosmic origins of consciousness and life on Earth. By nature, however, I tend to be a skeptic of everything. Beliefs held as scientific fact by our ancestors are now regarded as nothing more than hokey superstition today. The reality is that science is little more than a record of what we think we know right now.

From that perspective, even fact becomes relative.

Whether giant human skeletons were being unearthed around the turn of the century and subsequently vanished, as the news and Smithsonian ethnology reports would suggest, or it was all just a fantastic hoax, I am always fascinated by the possibility.

Jim Vieira is not a scientist, nor does he claim to be. He is an average guy with an interest in what seems to be compelling evidence of giant skeletons measuring seven feet tall and above, often with bizarre double rows of teeth. As a stone mason, he took particular interest in the unusual stone constructions found at the burial sites of these remains.

True or not, there are innumerable claims of these discoveries all over the US. Some of them even come from my backyard here in Wisconsin. Why not visit the locations of these supposed finds and poke around in the dirt a bit? Giant or not, something was found there.

Searching for Giant Skeletons

In the debut episode of History’s new series Search for the Lost Giants, brothers Jim and Bill Vieira examine two such locations in Massachusetts. The episode opens as they use ground-penetrating radar to examine a protected site on Native American land in Deerfield, MA. It is here that local historian George Sheldon documented the discovery of a eight foot skeleton in 1895. Though they cannot disturb the soil, the radar seems to indicate the existence of a stone slab as found in other burial sites. Typically, the stone is similar in height to the body it is covering. The measurements from the radar show a massive slab roughly twelve feet long and four or five feet wide.

The Vieira brothers then move to another location not far from Deerfield, to a strange stone structure known as the Goshen Mystery Tunnel. While local legend says the tunnels were created by a gang of counterfeiters or grave robbers to access their hideout beneath the nearby cemetery, some believe the tunnels may have pre-colonial origins. Jim is intrigued by another legend, that there is a hidden chamber in the tunnels that has never been opened. Since the structure is similar to other sites where giant skeletons were reportedly found, Jim wants to find that hidden chamber.

Opening the mysterious Goshen Tunnel on Search for the Lost Giants
Opening the Goshen Mystery Tunnel in search of giant skeletons

Following drawings made during an excavation in 1980 by Jim Whitall, the last person to explore the tunnels, Bill and Jim descend into the darkness where they find what may be evidence of the existence of the hidden chamber.

Rock with strange inscription near the Goshen Mystery Tunnel
Jim Vieira examines a rock with mysterious inscriptions near the Goshen Mystery Tunnel

But it’s the History channel, so we’ll have to wait until next week to discover there was nothing conclusive at the site.

Due to the controversy surrounding Jim’s research, this first episode put a great deal of effort into rationalizing his work. It was probably a necessary introduction to research at the center of such intense outrage. I am really not interested in Jim’s justifications, though. He has a right to draw his own conclusions without ridicule.

Besides, getting to explore ancient burial sites in the backwoods of America vicariously through my television has given my life new meaning. Or at least killing enough brain cells to induce trance and euphoric states.

Either way, what bliss.


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    Jlea says:

    Didn’t they determine a long time ago that these giant human skulls and bones people had supposedly found were really mammoth skulls and bones?

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    Milton says:

    I really think that this topic is the most important topic ever presented in my time alive.I truly believe that these,so called giants are the link to all our unknown missing pieces of history & how we humans of today link to previous humans of the past,or ancestors.It is odd to me how the shows ten minutes of fame through TV internet & all forms of modern media just seem to stop.James you are into the biggest linking discovery ever.As presented in the show through out modern history the existence of Giants seem to, Excuse the pun the info & evidence seem to get buried.Now seems to be true again.No show,comments etc.This topic should be on the table for every discussion by everyone, everywhere.To fully understand who we are.We must no where we came from.Truthfully as a species.We really do not know the real truth to this question.Just years of mistruths & guess work.This is why I feel this subject continues to be buried.Are we as a species afraid or just to shallow to care.Without the truth & understanding of who we really are.We will never know who we can really become as a species.Please continue this discovery the most staggering important topic of all times.Who are we, Who who, who,who.If you need any help in any way.Please just ask.Peace out.

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    Jade says:

    Hi, I live in England and so I have only just started watching this programme on TV. I couldn’t stand the suspense for week to week viewings so I jumped online and have now finished the series. I loved the intrigue of the subject, despite my lack of belief but I must say that I am a lot more open minded to the idea of another Human race which was hybrid and eventually wiped out. Is there a series 2? Despite the pinch of salt taken with the ‘evidence’ , I really would enjoy another series.

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      JOSÉ GONÇALVES says:

      I never was scheptik ,human mutations accur naturaly,unfortunatly my country´s cable tv is a shit,never pass all the episodes and all the series it present never go to the end, is like ,look excelent series !!!! 10 episodes and then pass 4 or 5 not new then stop… :/
      our DNA is still a mistery and when anybody solve it maybe it will have more questions than answers….

      Regards to all.

      José Gonçalves

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    I am watching this series on history channel ,here on Portugal.
    Are they going to found one giant skeleton?
    I Personally think is true that skeletton can have a 2 row of teeth,my brother is a normal person and had som teeth on second row that he later extracted on thet dentist.
    So it´s perfectly normal that giants could heve this,maybe we had this mutation back in the past.
    What makes me belive even more on the ancient aliens theory…

    Best Regards


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    Carlos F M V Lamosa says:

    you live right next to AZTLAN and not believe? There in not believe when they are facts,
    archaeological sites are there and the estabeleciido academia do not build a theory about.
    If you take the same undertaking research that Jim scallop, with the ease of living right there
    in wisconsin, and dig a little behind relatives of those who were witnesses of the 18 skeletons-pass
    by smitssoniano Intituto sure you’ll reach someone whose grandfather was on site etc …. These facts,
    as the stories of these people, as well as the headlines of local newspapers and even the New York Times
    (Which was involved because of Republican convection etc ..) plus the fact that it’s almost comical,
    Concerning the recurrent modus operandi of the Institute in different regions of the country, vams there, wait a minute;
    Just put two and two together and realize or at least suspect that what’s going on, is certainly not a national capanha to
    “Compromising image of the Institute.” My friend, my father, may he rest in peace, was a Freemason and did not bother to hide very well of us, their children
    none of the closely guarded secrets, such as signals from a distance, handshakes, expressions where it is expected an answer as against password specified
    etc., and I lost count of the times in which we inexplicably `forward in queues the most varied as cinema, public health and public stuff
    having acceleratad processes beyond the period of expected standard.
    My father had intended Non disrespect Freemasonry but to encourage us in the future adhere to the order in which all the members called me and treated as fact nephew.
    Well, to sum up, I did not become a Freemason a close call and I could tell, already older than it really was their worship to the Lord of this world, the architect,
    the all-seeing eye, the eye of Horus, the demiurge etc, but they have an agenda, which ultimately reaches the infamous Aleister Crowley, the new world order, and this includes in a very high level, “WHAT THEY WANT AND WHAT DO NOT WANT PEOPLE COME TO KNOW

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    James says:

    Hi Charlie. Excuse my tardiness in responding. After the episode I shot with Jim and Bill in aired, I was beleagured with internet chat like this. I have actually stopped doing research until weather cooperates here in Missouri. All I can say is that the small (and big) town libraries across the US are FULL of these accounts. Tens of thousands, many quoating or written by the leading archaeologists of the day. I’m currently looking into a case of six giants found near my hometown in Springfield MO.
    I have uncovered numerous articles that provide confirmation for the original article. ALL roads lead to Smithsonian!

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    Erik says:

    One more thing… the amount of people that scoff or ridicule this subject or idea of giants that were possibly hanging around, in more numbers or not, is just plain stupid. I can’t believe that with all the very tall or large people we know to have existed and still exist today, and how little we know about what lived in pre-historic recorded times yet with scratching the surface of some of the earth here and there we’ve already got thousands of bones of very large mammals (not even getting to dinosaurs yet) that have been discovered…. how can they NOT believe it is POSSIBLE that very large humans, on occasion or on average, existed at one time? Do we really have that many stupid people in this world? That’s terrifying. They’re joking right? Or they must have some personal anterior motive, like some fear of a history they don’t like (why I have no idea…) for them to disbelieve the possibility of an average increase in size for humans in certain areas at certain times. I have to know… do they really have trouble believing that? Maybe it’s that old “one extreme or the other” reasoning skip some people often have these days. They think “well… there couldn’t have been these… 10 foot people everywhere, that’s just dumb”. So they watch a show like this one and immediately thrust that idea that giants from sci-fi were running around everywhere, all the time. They are incapable of understanding how to let natural flex and variations of an idea work to a likelihood. We’ve had to do that with dinosaurs and all kinds of other theories, eventually finding evidence that makes it somewhat foolish to NOT understand what was at one time a still-forming theory. It just takes time. What do they have to lose if they DO find evidence of giants? What’s the problem? They’re just stupid. Nothing else explains it. I hope they find some awesome evidence, andI wish I could work with them but I have day job. Goo luck fellas.

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      Karen Turner says:

      So tonight (Feb 2) one guy says he helped re-bury some giant bones but is sworn to secrecy about their location. Oh no…so close! Then the one brother goes crawling thru a watery cave and discovers the most amazing cathedral-like structure. But…too bad…the cameraman can’t get thru and this guy doesn’t take any pictures. Never a camera arounc when you need it! Don’t you just hatd it when thst happens? Then, after announcing this profound discovery….they pack up and leave to go back to New England?! Come on, dudes. Bet you ache all day ftom laughing so hard!

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    Erik says:

    Though an inconsistent TV watcher and even more sporadic internet surfer, I thought this series was made just for me. For no apparent reason, I’ve been interested in giants, of ANY kind or time, since I was very young. I’ve always been interested in large beasts, and anything that I missed seeing that would have blown me away… just because it happened long ago. I can get lost in imagination at a museum for hours, therefore I usually have to go alone. I sense the public isn’t interested as they should be, even taking into consideration that tastes are just going to be different sometimes. I think most people today are so desensitized by TV, movies and video games that they can’t imagine what it would be like to live hundreds (or thousands) of years ago, no explanation of anything, no laws or protection or warning of what’s around the corner. No idea about the NBA and other sources of very large people to be everyday news… then suddenly a giant over 8 feet tall came after them out of the woods. All the imagination has been done for today’s folks by the media and computer generation. They have the attitude of… “well it’s not here now so who cares?” … I have no trouble pondering to chilled bones what it would be like to live back then.

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    Clint says:

    I really hope this ain’t going to be another show where it teases you with a new discovery only to find at the end of the episode nothing comes of it.

    Looks like it’s gonna be another skip to the end of the episode job. Lol.

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    Clint says:

    So they didn’t dig into the discovered chamber after finding the sand on it? What was the point of that if they weren’t going to try and dig for it?

    Fishy if you ask me.

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    Robert Adinolfi says:

    Intriguing show, Fact is that a museum in Virginia City NV had a skeleton of a giants bones on display. Haven’t been to Virginia City in years, So not sure of museum or skeleton status, but wrth looking into. Bob Adinolfi

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    Colin says:

    It is a decently entertaining break from shows trying to figure out the disappearance of flight MH370 and testing 100 year old rivets pulled from the Titanic. I think this a pretty neat vacation from work for these guys. It is definitely more thought provoking than a 10,000$ trip to Alaska to have someone nearly pull your trigger finger and go back to work in your cubicle with some war story about you vs the Kodiak bear.

    • Charlie Hintz
      Charlie Hintz says:

      Hello James, the latest episode was definitely compelling. It is fascinating to see previously unknown photos of giant skeletons that were documented by local media. What else might exist in the dusty archives of small town America that never made it into the digital age? Also, it is rather curious to see the search for a missing giant skeleton lead directly to a dead end at the Smithsonian. Does it support the idea of an intentional coverup, or was every single giant skeleton claim found to be a hoax upon closer inspection?

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    Ed Smith says:

    There was a written account, during Magellan’s voyage, of their encounter with a race of Giants in what would later be called the Straights of Magellan. One of his ships was sent back to Spain with one of the giants but perished. The account comes from a book called “Traveler’s Tales”.


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