Smithsonian Giant Skeleton Conspiracy

Giant human skeletons: Newspaper hoaxes or Smithsonian conspiracy?

Newspapers of the 19th century reported many discoveries of giant human skeletons, which have since seemingly vanished without a trace. Is the lack of evidence proof of a Smithsonian conspiracy to cover up their existence, or proof of the rampant hoaxes running amok in journalism at the time?

Micah Hanks explores the evidence a little deeper, uncovering reliable stories and eyewitness accounts detailing the discovery of large skeletons reported by the Smithsonian itself, with clues as to the fate of these bizarre and mysterious remains.

Read the article: Big Buried Secrets: Giant Skeletons and the Smithsonian


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    fakeproof says:

    this is bullshit, they have no proof they said that they delete the proof but they never had proof sorry bad english.

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    Bob G. says:

    I would see no reason for the Smithsonian to cover up evidence of giants. There have been people who stood 8 feet tall both today and in the past. They have never uncovered a multiple burial of giants suggesting a lost tribe. Possibly one day a scientist will go through some of the remains and do a scientific study in their collection. In the past a person standing 6 foot was termed a giant of a man so the stories probably grew with telling. Double rows of teeth are not uncommon either. It may be that these skeletons uncovered -if they are ever revealed- suffered from some medical condition. One thing about people is any myth or mystery will catch the interest of some and the quest starts. We love a good mystery and that is the reason civilization has advanced to where we are today.

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      Tom Brooks says:

      Seriously? The reason is quite clear as is it would be to all greedy institutions that require funding to survive. Evolution is a multi billion dollar even trillion dollar business world wide. Institutions like The Smithsonian, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, even NASA, or issued literally millions of dollars in grants that all require and are predicated on the hope evolution is true and that the world is actually millions and billions of years old. Imagine what would happen to their funding if giants that supported the Christian Biblical model, young earth model leaked out into the mainstream public. All hell would literally break loose world wide. The very fabric and religious nature of philosophical naturalism would be rocked to its core. Don’t kid yourself. There is great power world wide wrapped underneath the cloak of deceit and the religion of evolution.

      I really can’t understand why you and many others can not see WHY a mainstream institution that requires evolution to prosper would not subdue any efforts or information that provides evidence to the contrary.

      This is not rocket science.

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    Myname says:

    If you did some research you would understand that this is not what the article is about.
    The photo is obviously a fake. but some people accuse the smitsonian researchers of deliberitly trashing the internet with fake photo’s to cover up the real findings.
    Hoax or Coverup thats the question.

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    Joe Decker Sr says:

    that skeleton dose not look right looking at the hip bone and arm it seems to be laying on it’s back but if u look at the rib’s there behind the back bone it can not be real …..


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