Manitowoc Man Believes a Secret Satanic Club Could be Behind the Steven Avery Case

Wisconsin resident Dave Begotka claims a secret, Satanic racketeering club may be involved in the case of Making a Murderer subject Steven Avery.
Did a secret Satanic club frame Steven Avery for murder?

I’ve been researching the topic for a long time, but I’m not convinced that all-powerful secret societies are pulling the strings of world affairs, or that the elite one percent are engaged in human sacrifice and blood-splattered orgies for Satan. When it comes to altars, robes, and candle-lit rituals, however…I can’t resist a good story. Especially when it hits close to home, such as the latest claim in the bizarre case of Steven Avery.

Dave Begotka spent most of his life living in and around Manitowoc, the Wisconsin town at the center of the controversial Netflix series Making a Murderer. Recently, he has taken to Youtube to share his bit part in the Avery case, and reveal what may be the strangest facet yet of the ever-deepening mystery.

In his three-part video (embedded below) Begotka recounts the details of his involvement in the events that took place on the beach in 1985 – the assault which resulted in Avery’s wrongful conviction and 18 years in prison before DNA evidence exonerated him in 2003. From there, however, Begotka weaves the story into a series of encounters with a “secret club” he claims is comprised of local business owners and authorities. On numerous occasions, he says, he was invited to join the club. He steadfastly refused, despite their progressively threatening nature.

Begotka claims he was propositioned with Polaroids depicting sexual acts, and says the group is rumored to communicate with the devil in the basement of JFK Prep, a notoriously ominous seminary in the nearby town of St. Nazianz that has been sitting empty since it was closed in the early 1980s.

Not only was this group at odds with Avery, Begotka alleges, but he believes they may also be responsible for the mysterious death of the woman who ran the bar he owned.

Was Steven Avery framed by a secret and maniacal Satanic sex cult?
Watch the videos and tell me what you think in the comments below:

Steven Avery, “Clubs”, Weird & Suspicious Experiences

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There’s no shortage of weird things in Wisconsin.

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Fickle People Everywhere
Fickle People Everywhere
4 years ago

A witch! A witch! A witch! We found a witch! We’ve got a witch! A witch! A witch! We have found a witch. May we burn her? – How do you know she is a witch – She looks like one. – Bring her forward. – I’m not a witch! I’m not a witch ! – But you are dressed as one. – They dressed me like this. – No, we didn’t. – And this isn’t my nose. It’s a false one. – Well? – We did do the nose. – The nose? – And the hat. But she is… Read more »

Stay Away
Stay Away
5 years ago

We should all leave. Manitowoc is directly north of Chicago and Milwaukee and serves the Badger car ferry that crosses the lake to Michigan in the summer. The Chicago/Milwaukee area is a popular place for immigrants to settle and eventually move from. Situated on a giant body of fresh water just south of the Canadian border, Manitowoc is a prime piece of realestate. The former Studio 8 building has a swastica thing in the stone work at the top of the building. There is a masonic temple building about a mile away. The only Jewish synagogue on holy hill closed… Read more »

John baliff
John baliff
6 years ago

This is linked to goings on in other parts of the state where it goes all the way to the top in these other cases which also invole sheriff,judiciary,police,cps worker,former and current das aswell as professionals in schools.
Dave is spot on. There is a link between prosecutors in the Avery case and hundreds of other cases that were covered up for 30+ years

Kim Vest
7 years ago

Who the hell is John….its so evident that the Good Ole Boys club is a cult…they all wear free mason rings what the hell is going on in Manitowoc…..Steven Avery was a target from jump….i surmise that there is a huge possibility that the Avery family was targeted because Allen Avery refused to join the Good Ole Boys Club…..this is my contention….and then shit just trickled down hill from there…hence Steven became the target beings he looked so much like Gregory Allen…no one can deny this….even Berrenstien couldn’t tell them apart……….but you have Kurshe (sp?) now deceased…i believe murdered to… Read more »

7 years ago

It’s my opinion Steven Avery got himself snagged by that Satanic group back in the early 80s. Burning a cat with a group around a fire is Satanic. We need to know who was the group there with Avery when the cat was burned. Perhaps Avery was ordered to perform a killing back then, a sacrifice, and refused. That would make him an enemy for the club to frame and put him away. I further think when Avery was released 2005 they tried to contact him again but he refused to be a part of the club and they framed… Read more »

7 years ago

That’s weird. Or is it? -John