New Mothman Documentary Relives the Unexplained Phenomena in 1960s Point Pleasant

Relive the Mothman sightings in Point Pleasant through the eyes of the residents who experienced it in this new documentary from Small Town Monsters.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the tragic Silver Bridge collapse in Point Pleasant, WV, and the bizarre series of events preceding it. Small Town Monsters, the production company behind the recent documentaries Minerva Monster, Beast of Whitehall, and Boggy Creek Monster, set their sights on the elusive Mothman to examine the unexplained phenomena locals experienced in the 1960s with new interviews and first hand accounts. Cryptozoologist, author, and television personality Lyle Blackburn narrates.

Small Town Monsters returns for their fourth cryptozoology documentary! The Mothman of Point Pleasant chronicles the historic happenings that took place over the span of 13 months in 1966-67 in West Virginia. After a late-night run in with a freakish flying “thing” near an abandoned munitions factory, four people report their sighting to local police which sparks a “media frenzy”. Over the following year more strange happenings take place as Men in Black and UFOs descend on the town.

But what actually happened in Point Pleasant? Learn the true story behind the infamous Mothman accounts from the people who lived them in this follow-up to STM’s award-winning “Boggy Creek Monster”.

Small Town Monsters is launching a Kickstarter campaign February 2 to fund post-production.

This documentary may be making it’s debut at the 2017 Mothman Festival. Watch for more info!

Update: The Mothman of Point Pleasant is now streaming on Amazon

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