Explore the dusty shelves of vintage wunderkammer with these fascinating collections, mysterious oddities, and macabre objects from throughout history.

Purgatory Museum

Fingerprints From Purgatory

Does this mysterious object on display in the Church of the Sacred Heart of Suffrage in Rome offer scientific proof that purgatory is real?

Weird Wonderful World Visits The Mystic Museum

In the premiere episode of Weird Wonderful World, hosts Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara visit The Mystic Museum oddities shop in Burbank, California.

Watch Shane and Ryan, hosts of the new series Weird Wonderful World, get a glimpse at the cursed objects, mounted insects, last rites kits, taxidermy and other oddities inside The Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum.

Watch them summon Alfred Hitchcock and question John F. Kennedy about the Umbrella Man in a seance, and play a rousing game of GUESS THAT BONE!

Cult of Weird Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Stuff your stockings with this year’s Christmas atrocities! Find the perfect weird gifts for the creeps and deviants on your shopping list.
Dark, weird, creepy and gothic Christmas gift ideas - Cult of Weird holiday gift guide 2019

Welcome to the 6th annual exhumation of ghoulish Christmas goodies here at Cult of Weird! As is tradition, I’ve gathered a fine selection of oddities and curiosities from some of my favorite purveyors of the strange and unusual. This year’s offerings include prints by artists whose work have wormed their into my cold dead heart this year, new books examining reports of strange creatures both past and present, and handcrafted oddities.

NOTE: Many of these items are handcrafted and one-of-a-kind, so they may not be available long.

No Corpses Sticker

No corpses are kept in this vehicle overnight
Whether you drive a hearse or a Prius, keep your corpses safe from body snatchers with these vinyl stickers from Dead Sled Brand.

Miracle Elixir Hot Sauce

Miracle elixir hot sauce from Death-Ray Design
This hot sauce from Death-Ray Design will cure all your ailments! Garlicky Louisiana style hot sauce with a touch of snake oil.

Mounted Octopus Tentacle

Octopus tentacle taxidermy by ScientificWoman
A real octopus tentacle preserved and mounted by ScientificWoman.

Dead Inside But It’s Christmas

When you're dead inside but it's Christmas sweater
Nothing quite embodies the holiday feels around Cult of Weird HQ as this new Christmas sweater from Foxblood.

Krampus Shrine Christmas Ornament

Krampus Christman ornaments
No Christmas is complete without some handmade Krampus goods by Divine Excesss.

Forgotten English & Folklore Calendar

Forgotten english and folklore 2020 calendar
A 2020 daily calendar of archaic words, arcane holidays, traditions, superstitions, historical curiosities, and more.

Heart & Brain Cookie Cutters

Anatomical heart and brain cookie cutters by Bakerlogy
Add some creep to your Christmas cookies with this set of anatomical heart and brain cookie cutters from Bakerlogy.

Skull Speaker

Wireless bluetooth skull speaker
A wireless bluetooth speaker shaped like a human skull.

Bone Pentagram Necklace

Pewter bone penatgram necklace
Handmade pewter bone star with mini skull and black Austrian crystal drop.

Haserot Angel Night Light

Haserot angel night light
A nightlight made from a 3D image of the Haserot angel monument at Lakeview cemetery in Cleveland Ohio.

Cabinet of Curiosities Mug

Cabinet of curiosities mug
Handmade enamel-coated steel mug with an original cabinet of curiosities design by The Creeping Moon.

Glass Calavera

Glass calavera
A stained glass hand holding a real calavera loteria card by spooky glass artist Brittany Testa.

Spiritus Colloquium Ouija Board Game

Spiritus Colloquium Ouija Board Game
Contact the post-living with the deluxe Spiritus Colloquium parlor board game.

Necro Maria

Necro Maria by Billelis
Necro Maria II print by 3D artist Billelis.

Gold Cicada

Framed gold cicada
A framed gold cicada ethically sourced, preserved, and framed by The Butterfly Babe.

Tomb Sweet Tomb

Tomb Sweet Tomb
The stockings are hung by the coffin with care, and this art print by the Crafty BurrEato better be in there.

The Lake Michigan Mothman

The Lake Michigan Mothman book by Tobias Wayland
There have been numerous sightings of a large winged humanoid near the shores of Lake Michigan in recent years. Tobias Wayland of the Singular Fortean Society explores these encounters through the stories of the witnesses themselves and offers insight as a member of the investigative team.

Moon Phases Wall Decor

Moon phases wall decor
A handmade set of wood moon phases to hang on your wall.

Snake Globe

Snake wet specimens
Rattlesnake or python wet specimens in a 5 inch glass globe with ornate base.

Corpse Meditation

Corpse Meditation art print by Landis Blair
A signed art print by Landis Blair of “Corpse Meditation,” an illustration originally created for the book From Here to Eternity by Caitlin Doughty.

Ghost in the Mirror

Victorian ghost in a mirror
A hand painted resin sculpture of a Victorian ghost emerging from a mirror by Dellamorte & Co. Glows in the dark!

Cult of Weird Goat Skull T-shirt

Cult of Weird goat skull occult t-shirt
This is probably the first time there has been Cult of Weird swag available to indoctrinate your loved ones with for Christmas, so some shameless self promotion is in order.

Charles Manson Mug

Charles Manson mug
You just have to try a little harder to stand out from the crowd. Use code CULT to save 15% on all orders from Hammer and Bone until 12/31/2019.

Gilded Antlion

Antlion specimen by Skullpturas
A genuine antlion specimen (a large four winged insect similar in appearance to a dragonfly) with its wings covered in either gold or copper from Skullpturas.

Monsters in Print

Monsters in Print book
Adam Benedict, a researcher of cryptozoology and folklore over at The Pine Barrens Institute, assembled this bizarre and amazing collection of strange creature encounters printed in newspapers during the 1800s and 1900s.

Lovecraft Bust

Bust of H.P. Lovecraft
Handmade 1/4 scale sculpture of H.P. Lovecraft.

Skull Necklace

Skull necklace from Leviticus Jewlery
Handcrafted sterling silver necklace from Leviticus Jewelry.

Lonely Ghost

Lonely ghost art print by Laurie A. Conley
A ghost and a grave under a tree and full moon. Print by artist Laurie A. Conley.

Triple Moon Goddess Pendant

Triple moon goddess woodburned pendant
Handmade wood pendant with woodburned moon and forest design and gemstone.

Baphomet Statue

Baphomet statue from the Satanic Temple
Who needs an elf on the shelf when you can have Baphomet! A small replica of The Satanic Temple’s controversial Baphomet monument.

Bad Advice Butterfly

Bad Advice Butterfly
Taxidermist Jack Devaney, creator of the rabbit toaster and other strange and disturbing works, mounted these butterflies on pages of an old book teaching women “how to get a man.”

Chocolate Anatomical Hearts

Chocolate anatomical hearts by Conjurer's Kitchen
Handmade miniature chocolate anatomical hearts from Conjurer’s Kitchen.

Krampus Decoration

Krampus art by Meagan Meli
Krampus art inspired by vintage holiday decor from spooky artist Meagan Meli.

Shark Mandible Necklace

Shark jaw necklace
Gold-painted shark jaw and white turquoise necklace crafted by Gypsy Warrior Tribe.

Sheep Skull

Sheep skull
Painted and carved sheep skull from Bloodreligion.

Gothic Bat Pillow

Gothic Victorian bat pillow
Red damask Victorian bat throw pillow.

Diaphonized Eel Earrings

Diaphonized eel earrings
Diaphonized eels in test tube earrings.

Death’s Head Moth Ouija Board

Deaths Head moth ouija board
Hand painted golden death’s head moth ouija board from Pandora Witch Shop.

Creepy Charm Bracelet

Creepy charm bracelet
Pick your creepy charms to create a custom sterling silver bracelet from As Above.

Original Art by Lauren Nova

Original art by Lauren Nova
“Form Follows Fractal Function” original graphite and white charcoal drawing by Lauren Nova.

Bats Tree Skirt

Gothic tree skirt
Complete your creepy Christmas with a black tree skirt covered in bats.

Idle Hands Wrapping Paper

Skeleton hand wrapping paper from Skelly Paper Company
Black wrapping paper with skeleton hands from Skelly Paper Co.

Merry Creepmas Wrapping Paper

Merry Creepmas creepy gothic wrapping paper
Merry Creepmas black Christmas wrapping paper.

Baphomet Christmas Stocking

Satanic Christmas stocking
Hail Santa with this cheery Baphomet Christmas stocking.

Want more books? Check out this year’s morbid must-reads.

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Look inside the shipwreck of the HMS Terror

First Look Inside the Wreck of the HMS Terror

See inside the HMS Terror for the first time since it vanished with the Franklin Expedition over 170 years ago.

Aside from a few bodies found mummified in the Canadian permafrost and tales told by Inuit tribes of madness and cannibalism, nothing was ever found of the Franklin Expedition after it vanished in 1846. Over 30 expeditions failed to find any trace of the two ships and most of the 129 men that set out from England in 1845 to find a passage through the Arctic that connected the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific.

That is, until extensive surveys based on Inuit oral history lead searchers to the wreck of the HMS Erebus in 2014. Just two years the second ship, the HMS Terror, was discovered. Both ships were discovered in shallow water near King William Island, where two members of the crew had been found long dead in a lifeboat in 1859.

Mummified body from the Franklin Expedition
A member of the Franklin Expedition found buried on Beechey Island in 1984, mummified in the permafrost

Now, for the first time, we can get a glimpse inside the ship thanks to the Parks Canada researchers who have been studying the remarkably preserved wrecks.

The Erebus has had a few more years to be studied, and some artifacts have been brought up, but until this year weather conditions made it difficult to examine the Terror.

Thanks to calm seas, the underwater archaeology team was able to guide a small ROV into the ship and capture some amazing video of the interior.

“Overturned armchairs, thermometers on the wall, stacked plates, chamberpots, washbasins — often in their correct position,” team member Ryan Harris said. “We were able to see an incredible array of artifacts.”

Recommended Reading
Frozen in Time book about the Franklin Expedition
Buy now on Amazon

The camera was piloted through an open hatch into the ship.

“You have the lights of the ROV penetrating the darkness,” Harris said. “Looking forward in the corridor, you see the list of the ship to starboard.

“And then off to the left, you see a succession of doors into various officers’ cabins. Every single sliding door agape. Just imagine piloting the vehicle into one cabin after the next and see the private quarters of each officer. You see the bed places, you see the shelves, shipboard articles on the shelves, scientific instruments in their cases and many, many drawers.”

Harris said it feels like violating the privacy of the crew that once occupied those spaces. “It’s exhilarating, but it’s quite a solemn space.”

Inside the HMS Terror shipwreck
Inside the wreck of the HMS Terror

The only door found closed in the ship was the one leading to cabin of captain Francis Crozier.

That cabin is likely to be filled with journals and maps preserved and still legible that could help answer many questions about the doomed expedition.

“It looks like the ship, in many ways, was fully operational and then suddenly deserted,” Harris said. “All the cabin doors were opened, almost as if there was a rush to see if anyone was on board as it sank. We don’t know.”

Read more right here.

Making a megalodon

Making a Megalodon

Artist Gary Staab builds a life-size replica of a medgalodon for the National Museum of Natural History.

“You’re gonna need a bigger building.”

In May a life-size replica of a megalodon went on display at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. To recreate the massive prehistoric shark, the museum called on “paleo artist” Gary Staab, who has spent decades creating ancient creatures and human ancestors for museum exhibits.

This short video goes behind the scenes to show the process of breathing life back into the megalodon.

Paleo artist Gary Staab working on a megalodon for the National Museum of National History
Paleo artist Gary Staab working on a megalodon for the National Museum of National History