Taxidermy frog bikini

Weird Couture: Taxidermy Frog Bikini

From the frying pan to beach fashion, this frog hunter let no part of her catch go to waste when she made her own bizarre swimwear.
Frog bikini
Fabiana LaFleur in her frog bikini

Cult of Weird probably isn’t the first site that comes to mind when searching for the latest haute couture, but if you’re looking for the season’s hottest swimwear, you’ve come to the right place. Fabiana LaFleur’s taxidermy frog bikini is a thing of beauty.

“I grew up hunting and fishing the bayou around Lafayette, Fabiana says. “When my father took a deer he always made it a point to use every part that he could, not only eating the meat but also tanning the hides, sometimes even carving the bones into knife handles. I recently went out frog gigging (frog hunting) and, in the spirit of my father, I decided to use the parts of the frog that most people throw away. After getting the leg meat out for frying, I sewed the skins together into a bathing suit.”

Taxidermy frogs made into a bikini

We’ve all seen the fanciful taxidermy dioramas of frogs playing instruments or engaged in deadly duels, but this is by far the most unique use of dead frogs I’ve ever seen. No other swimsuit provides both dinner and high fashion.

You might end up with some pretty strange tan lines, though.

Taxidermy frog bikini
Fabiana with her frog spear

“I could go to the mall and get a suit but they don’t sell anything that turns heads like the one I’ve made,” Fabiana says.

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    RON SAVAGE says:

    I would like to get in touch with Fabiana. I a Ron Savage from ‘The Ron Savage Show’ and Producer at WCBM.


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