Used Casket Left on Street in Brooklyn

Old coffin covered in mud found on the street in Brooklyn with human remains and trash inside. Police found no sign of vandalized graves in nearby cemeteries.
Old casket found on the street in Brooklyn with human remains inside

Police responded to an odd 911 call on Wednesday – someone was very unhappy to find an old coffin in the spot where they normally park their car. Inside the dried mud-covered coffin, officers found human bones and trash. It was determined to be about 25 years old.

A search of nearby cemeteries revealed no disturbed graves.

The area is apparently a common dumping ground for unwanted furniture, but according to the NYPD 83rd Precinct, dumping a coffin is “not cool.”

Maybe someone was just doing some spring cleaning and decided to get rid of that weird old coffee table….

via New York

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