Dollhouse Graves

These grave markers are as sad as they are sweet. These dollhouses were built by grieving parents for their beloved daughters, complete with favorite toys and other significant items. Though they are plagued by vandalism through the years, they continue to be kept up and restored when need be.

Dorothy Marie Harvey (1926-1931)

The dollhouse grave of Dorothy Marie Harvey

The gravestone of Dorothy Marie Harvey

Dorothy Marie Harvey and her family were passing through Medina, Tennessee on their way North to find work. When Dorothy got measles and died, the townfolk helped her family bury her in Hope Hill Cemetery.

Her parents left her behind and continued on.

The original dollhouse grave marker of Dorothy Marie Harvey

Local legends says that you can sometimes see Dorothy when you look in the windows of her dollhouse.

Vivian Mae Allison (1894-1899)

The dollhouse grave of Vivian Mae Allison in Connersville, Indiana

The interior of Vivian Mae Allison's dollhouse grave

The dollhouse of Vivian Mae Allison is located in the Connersville City Cemetery in Connersville, Indiana.

Lova Cline (1902-1908)

The dollhouse grave of Lova Cline in Arlington, Indiana

The interior of Lova Cline's dollhouse grave

Lova Cline’s dollhouse memorial is in the Arlington East Hill Cemetery in Arlington, Indiana.

Nadine Earles (1929-1933)

The dollhouse grave of Nadine Earles in Lanett, Alabama

The interior of Nadine Earles dollhouse grave, containing her favorite toys

The grave of Nadine Earles is in the Oakwood Cemetery in Lanett, Alabama.

The story goes that Nadine wanted a dollhouse for Christmas. Since she died just before the holiday, her parents built her a dollhouse on her grave and filled it with her toys and personal belongings.

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    Shannon Elaine Pope says:

    Vivian Mae Allison, This was how i knew we were almost to my Grandparents house is when we passed this site. I always thought it was an interesting way to remember a child.

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    Rose Kerr says:

    The dollhouse with the headstone of “Kelly” next to it is in Emery Cemetery, outside of Phillips, Wisconsin. The little girl’s name was Bertha and she drowned when she was 5 years old in a pond behind the barn at her sister’s home. She was born in 1907 and died in 1912.

    • Avatar
      Jeanette Regan says:

      I totally agree that the loss of a child is one of the worst things that could happen to parents. But: These beautiful little houses are from the heart of the parents for the children. But the real thing they should do is to make sure they go to heaven where their child is. The child has no idea what they have done but they can make sure to go where God tells us we will see our loved ones.

    • Avatar
      Keewatin says:

      If they are sealed, there’s no dust. Dust is composed of animal dander, sand, insect waste, and soil. Those things can’t enter the houses if the doors and windows never open.

  3. Avatar
    Jeannie says:

    Sorry to say however the third picture is not what you claim. Facts be given this little girl rest with watch from her favorite doll in Emery, Wisconsin.

    • Avatar
      Cheryl says:

      Yes, Jeannie is correct. I am very familiar with this grave. My mother wrote articles about it for several publications. Unfortunately, the original doll was stolen, and there is a replacement doll in the house.

  4. Avatar
    Melissa says:

    I live near the Lova Cline marker. It is a sweet memorial to her. We see little toy figurines and candy set out for her beside the little house from those who visit by.

  5. Avatar
    Alilisa (@slky75) says:

    It made a huge difference to the families of these children, which you would know had you ever lost one, I’m sure. The memorials are for the living, not the dead, so others may share in their lives and know who they were, and how much they were loved.

  6. Avatar
    Sharon says:

    I visited Lova Clines grave as a child. I was probably 4-5 years old. Made a huge impact on me as a child. I am now 63 years old and I still remember it. I was fascinated as a child to peer in the windows and look at the toys inside. My family is buried in this cemetery also dating back to 1879.

  7. Avatar
    corine cortez says:

    i couldnt imagine the pain of these parents losing a child so young.these dollhouses in every respect are amazing. If building these dollhouses for their daughters is a way to ease a pain that that these parents had that probably never went away when they were alive(early dates) then that is their wish. In their eyes they are finding a way to make their daughters at rest and happy. I am a believer in the spirit world. with encounters throughout the years. and with children spirits. So wheither or not they visti their site, they will do what they are meant to do which is play. Usually a cemetery is not a haunting ground but it happens.Kids especially at a young age in my own oppinion, if its a sudden tragic death they dont know they died. unaware because of the age and they need “help” going to the great beyond to be with loved ones. At my old job as at a daycare, the building was old. It came with spirits. There was a child there. and it makes sense because the child(ight of been another) we would see the equipment outside being used when the kids would line up to go inside. I saw the swings being used and actually slow down to stop when i witnessed it. my boss saw one “child” go into the office when the other kids were lining up to go outside. in darted into the office. and what is sad is i wanted to help them with a group that would cleanse the place..but the owners didnt believe is spirits…sad.

    • Avatar
      corrine cortez says:

      but i do hope now these daughters are reunited with their parents..but another thing about ghost children its a remarkable subject to look up..someone mentioned that they automatically go into the light…but then there are cases where they don’t.. for instance, jackie (on the RMS queen mary in long beach) she is about 5-6 and very aware and audible! there is evidence! and brokdale lodge, a lil’ girl roams around playing(she died in the running steam that goes through the building…but is with her mother. or i was reading on the roosevelt hotel in hollywood..a little girl is seen, but her last memory is that her mom is hurt..thats al she says and looks for her non-stop…the list goes on..sad yes. there is a documentary that a pair of brothers did-the booth brothers(they did other amazing documentaries btw)but made two actually, children of the grave 1 and 2. i have watched the first one and it is amazing… has them.

    • Avatar
      Carolyn says:

      Does it matter? It helps the parents with handling their grief. If you lost a much loved child you would understand.

    • Avatar
      Kathleen says:

      And? So the patents chose to honor their children in a special way. Would you not do the same if you found yourself in a situation like that? And if you didn’t want to then that would be your choice, right?


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