Killed by a bear

Killed By A Bear: The Story of a Mysterious Gravesite in California

The first episode of Ephemera digs into the strange details of a mysterious grave in California and the inscription on a tree that reads “killed by a bear.”

Ephemera is going to be your new favorite web series. Produced and hosted by Brandon Alvis, Ephemera promises to dig up the fascinating details of history’s strange news stories “through historical documents, photos and visual storytelling.”

The first episode tells the story of a mysterious grave at the base of an oak tree, where the badly mangled remains of an man apparently killed by a bear were discovered.

From the episode description:

At the top of Grapevine Canyon, sitting under an ancient oak tree, there stands a marker with a strange inscription. The lack of facts about the inscription have lead to many legends surrounding the life and violent death of the man buried under an oak tree in what is now known as Fort Tejon. Host Brandon Alvis breaks down this strange history to separate fact from legend of this mysterious gravesite.

More episodes of Ephemera are on the way, which will delve into the site of New York’s worst disaster prior to 9/11, a house built to conjure dead composers, and more.

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5 years ago

Saw the oak back in the 90’s. At that time, some people were not sure if it was “a cross bear”, or a person named “A.X. Bear”. I’ve NEVER heard of California grizzlies being called “x bears”, and would like to know the source this person used for that info.