X-Ray Reveals John Dee Painting Originally Had Circle of Human Skulls

A painting of 16th-century mathematician and occultist John Dee performing an experiment for Queen Elizabeth I has been hiding a dark secret.
This painting of occultist John Dee originally had a circle of skulls
Why was the circle of skulls covered up? Photo: Wellcome Library

In preparation for its exhibition at the Royal College of Physicians, an x-ray of a painting by Henry Gillard Glindoni has revealed a surprisingly dark secret. In the painting, John Dee, a man once known as “the Queen’s conjurer” performs an experiment for Queen Elizabeth I. What the x-ray revealed, however, is that Dee was originally standing in a circle of skulls.

For The Guardian, Mark Brown writes:

X-ray imaging of the stately Victorian artwork has revealed that Dee was originally surrounded by human skulls before the ghoulish image was painted over, probably because it was too odd for the buyer. But curators of an exhibition opening on Monday believe it sums up the conundrum of Dee: should we remember him as brilliant pioneering scientist, or as an occultist who thought he could talk to angels?

X-ray image reveals human skulls hidden in a painting of John Dee
X-ray image of the circle of skulls hidden in the painting of John Dee.

It is not known why the skulls were covered up, but exhibition curator Katie Birkwood concludes it was likely at the request of the person who commissioned the painting:

“Glindoni had to to make it look like what we now see, which is august and serious, from what it was, which was occult and spooky. That epitomises the two different impressions of Dee which people have and the fight between them.”

The exhibition Scholar, courtier, magician: the lost library of John Dee runs from January 18 to July 29 at the Royal College of Physicians. It includes a selection of Dee’s books with his personal notes scrawled in the margins, as well as his crystal ball and an obsidian magical mirror.

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    Pat Welsh says:

    I am an angel and have been a part of this goulishness since time began.
    I have a great deal to say and make public I do not fear the truth, unlike the others involved in a great cover up of the truth. The others involved do not will not say who they are while at same time persecuting me for things that did happen !!!
    I will be making not only my confession, per se very public soon I will also unmask those who have been committing history’s worst e evils to this day.
    I am the Holy Spirit, once known as Mary, mother of He known as Jesus.
    I am alive and living in San Jose Ca USA, while heading an historic investigation!!
    Trust me the truth will be told!! My son has even begun writing his Gospel, per se.
    Only he has been kidnapped and currently being raped by those very people 490 times a day !!!
    New findings
    The same 8 separate individuals are in all the “houses” 5 of those 8 individuals are NOT supposed to be in all the hoses and are only in all the House because it has become fact that these 5 individuals have been found to be binded to my son once known as Jesus Christ.
    And they these 5 individuals will be Unbinded from my long suffering son

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    Crochetaholic Who says:

    Oh I’d much rather the original. It is the truth of who he was and what he did. It better represents the beliefs of the time.

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    Wobbler says:

    I like the idea of the circle of skulls, reflecting the circle of important watchers, with their own deaths ever present to bring their self importance down to common mortality.


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