Necropants: Macabre Icelandic Witchcraft Tradition

The macabre Iceland witchcraft tradition of necropants involves wearing someone’s skin to collect coins in the scrotum.

The Strandagaldur Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft in Holmavik tells the story of seventeen people burned at the stake in the 17th century for occult practices. The museum’s claim to fame is an exhibit showcasing the macabre legend of Necropants, or nábrók.

According to legend, necropants could produce an endless flow of coins if done correctly.

To begin with, one would need to get permission from a living man to use his skin upon his death. After burial, the sorcerer would then have to dig up the body and skin it in one piece from the waist down. A coin stolen from a poor widow must then be placed in the scrotum, along with a magic sign called nábrókarstafur scrawled on paper.

Once worn, the scrotum of the necropants would never empty of coins so long as the original coin remained.

Necropants at the Sorcery & Witchcraft Museum

Necropants Iceland witchcraft

For more on necropants and other bizarre occult traditions of Iceland, check out the museum’s website right here.

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    Balthazar says:

    Interesting. The Norwegian word for scrotum is “pung”, which is the same as the word for wallet. And the Icelandic language comes from old Norwegian. I wonder if there is a connection.

    • Avatar
      Scandinavian says:

      Just had to reply.. eventuellt if it years late. 🙂
      “Pung” is actually a comment word for many of the scandinavian countries. And it simple means “pouch”. And the scrotum is a kind of pouch. 🙂

    • Avatar
      Jami says:

      Considering that the coin is in the scrotum it’s more likely the coins are ejaculated after death.

      And that would make for some really weird porn.


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