Celebrate the Bizarre in Point Pleasant at the Annual Mothman Festival

Point Pleasant celebrates it’s bizarre history with the annual Mothman Festival, featuring guest speakers, vendors, screenings and tours.
Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, West Virginia

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The town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia has an unusual claim to fame: a mysterious creature they call Mothman. The first sighting occurred in November of 1966, kicking off 13 months of unexplained phenomena that left locals shaken. By December of 1967, there had been over a hundred reported encounters with the winged figure.

On December 15th, 1967, the Silver Bridge connecting Point Pleasant to Gallipolis, Ohio, collapsed into the icy waters of the Ohio River. Loaded with rush-hour traffic, the bridge suffered a devastating failure when a minute defect in an eye-bar chain assembly gave way. 46 lives were lost.

Mothman has not been seen in the area since.

Except, of course, during the Mothman Festival.

Mothman sighting at the annual festival in Point Pleasant

The 14th annual Mothman Festival is happening September 19-20 at Mothman Park in downtown Point Pleasant. The “weird little gathering” started in 2002, and continues to grow with thousands of visitors every year.

This year’s festivities include:

  • Live music
  • Mothman 5k
  • Miss Mothman Pageant
  • Mothman face painting for the kids
  • The Mothman Prophecies Screening
  • Tours of the infamous TNT Area

Guest speakers include Chad Lambert, John Frick, Sharon Shull & Dottie Campbell, Joedy Cook, Bill Brock, Lyle Blackburn, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Susan Sheppard, Neal Parks, Ken Gerhard, Fred Saluga, and Stan Gordon.

For more info go mothmanfestival.com

Are you going to the Mothman Festival? Send photos to info@cultofweird.com or tag #cultofweird on Instagram.

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