300 Million-Year-Old Screw Found in Rock

300 million-year-old screw found in rockWhile investigating the remains of a meteorite outside of Moscow in 1998, Russian scientists discovered a rock with a screw firmly fixed inside.

Geologist estimate the age of the rock to be 300-320 million years old. Evidence shows that the iron atoms of the screw and the silicon atoms of the rock have in fact spread and fused, suggesting the screw is by no means a recent addition to the rock.

Experts agree the screw was artificially constructed, rather than being the result of a natural process.

Reports of evidence of intelligent life existing on Earth in prehistoric times pop up from time to time. These reports include machined parts such as spheres, screws and toothed wheels, as well as more bizarre discoveries such as manufactured boot, sandal and foot prints embedded in billion-year-old stone.

Researchers claim most of the evidence is now gathering dust in the basements of the world’s most prestigious institutions.

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    Kurt says:

    If it was a crinoid fossil inside a meteor, that would be a really neat trick. If it really was a meteor they found it in, that would indeed be very interesting.

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    Frederick says:

    That’s a fossilized crinoid stem. I own several of them myself. Whoever these anonymous “researchers” are should have consulted with a paleontologist before they claimed it was a screw.


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